Discover Your Exclusive Island in Success Trip (March 24, 2017)

Discover Your Exclusive Island in Success Trip

March 24, 2017

What’s fun about your selected island?


Just few days to go before landing Hawaii! Here’s a travel guide for you and your partners to enjoy your exclusive island to the fullest.




  • Sea Motorcycling

As another adventurous and exciting underwater activity similar to sea walk, sea motorcycling is more and more popular with people. You sit on motorcycle and wear a helmet similar to that of astronaut walking in space, with which you can breathe freely without any frog mirror or oxygen mask and appreciate underwater landscape by 180°. It is worth mentioning that helmet of motorcycle is connected with front gas cylinder, how favorable it is! So you can still contact with those  sea creature intimately and fully even though you are bad at swimming or have poor physical strength. If you like snorkeling, just do it! Then you can explore the underwater world freely while wearing snorkeling equipment.

  • Swimming with Dolphins

You can see hordes of lovely and naughty dolphins appearing on the sea after advancing by the special dolphin-focused pleasure boat for a little while. These dolphins will follow the boat, playing and leaping. They will show their own acrobatics generously: turning over their flexible bodies upon leaping to the air. What a splendid moment! If you are lucky, you can also appreciate whale and sea turtle. Dolphins may be very close to you; but you must keep it in your mind that you had better not touch them, as touching will scare away these lovely small animals. Moreover, you can jump into sea to hunt for and play with dolphins and sea turtles after wearing diving suit and equipment.





  • KIPU Adventure

All four-star generals and new-star fellows are the nature-loving adventurer. In KIPU, it is possible to enjoy off-road adventure and magnificent natural beautiful scenery. You can feel excitement and happiness while taking a four-wheel transmission car; you can also fly over the pasture by jungle cableway to enjoy the happiness of flying. So follow us to enjoy this wonderful travel of adventure particularly designed for you and your partner! KIPU is the best eco-tourism destination in Kauai, where the film Jurassic Park and The Descendants ever shot. Here, you can enjoy lovely and distinct history and landscape and absolutely, can also obtain a very good outdoor activity experience.



  • Canyon Helicopter

The lovely Hawaiian Islands are well known for elegance; every place is filled with charm of tininess and fullness, whether it is canyon, small town or exotic flowers and rare herbs. You will appreciate the most splendid island landscape in the world if traveling in Kauai by helicopter, such as Na Pali Coast, Bali Hai, Hanalei Bay and Waialua Falls. While traveling by helicopter, you can have a great view of lofty peak, rugged cliff, deep gorge and several-mile-far inland vision. Welcome you and your partners’ traveling Hawaii by helicopter and enjoying the natural beautiful scenery here! It must be a rewarding trip!



  • Kauai Coffee Plantation

Kauai Coffee Plantation is the largest in the US, which supports the better part of yearly coffee consumption in the US. In this land, there are nearly four million coffee trees yielding different kinds of coffee beans, which can make different tastes of coffee. With abundant sunlight, fertile volcanic soil and sufficient rainfall, the plantation can produce the best coffee beans every year. If coming to Kauai, you must go to the coffee plantation to taste those multiple tastes of coffee made from five kinds of coffee beans. You, if a coffee fan, must be able to find the coffee suitable to yourselves from multiple kinds of coffee beans and different maturity phases!



  • Spouting Horn on Kauai

As one of wonders in the world, Spouting Horn is formed from a row of holes after millions of years beating of sea waves; it is a natural wonderful view generated through volcano melt stones; sometimes, there will be surging: similar with fountain, seawater spouts upward to several-zhang high sky. Under the huge thrust of surges, seawater will spout thorough holes on volcanic lava submerged rock into the air to form water columns; the name Spouting Horn is obtained for this reason. Staying in the vehicle and appreciating the fine view out of window disappearing rapidly and quietly, you will hear waves of rumbles, which get clear and clear and finally, will arrive at the elegant but grand Spouting Horn on Kauai. You must be shocked by the wonderful pollution-free nature, after seeing sea wave beating rock and water column spurting abruptly and highly.



Maui Island


  • Snorkeling in Half Moon Bay

As one of top diving-suitable islands in Hawaii, Half Moon Bay is the diving scenic spot ranked the third. It is a falcate island resulted from volcano cinder cone; with terrain for crater basin, water area and marine organism diversity can be protected well. There are kaleidoscope-like coral reefs and 250 kinds of tropical fishes. In this place, snorkeling is very safe, as this falcate small island enjoy the capacity for calming the sea current. Snorkeling in Half Moon Bay is one of the hottest activities in local place. So friends liking diving, please follow NU SKIN to explore this beautiful sea world.



  • Lahaina Town on Maui Island

Lahaina Town is the oldest town in Hawaii and also ever served as the capital of Hawaii Kingdom. Many litterateurs such as the great writer Mark Twain, Jack London and Stevenson who created Treasure Island ever visited here; the Father of the Nation Sun Yat-sen ever studied in Hawaii and praised this town highly. NU SKIN will bring you to this town with the most beautiful coastline. You can shop and stroll and taste the delicious food freely here. Everything is so pleasant!



A more wonderful Hawaii is waiting for you to explore!