Prevue of 2017 Success Trip

Prevue of 2017 Success Trip

March 17, 2017

Are you ready?


Hey, business partners, after spending time and effort on struggling for your career, you ultimately got a ticket for the Success Trip – Hawaii. Follow me to see wonderful events this time in advance.



【1】A grand banquet of No. 79 hangar


The Pacific Aviation Museum is located in Ford Island Military Base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, where there is aircraft shed and control tower in the history of World War II, completely preserving the bombing traces and historical records of the Pearl Harbor Incident. It is voted as the top ten best aviation sightseeing spots in US.


Dinner for 2017 NU SKIN GREATER CHINA SUCCESS TRIP will be held in No. 79 hangar in the Pacific Aviation Museum. On the occasion, NU SKIN will lead partners into this unique military base, and feel the shock brought by history and our exclusive feast in the original military environment.


Feel Hawaii, where there is attractive island scenery, as well as local-style performances with elegant figure and gentle gestures.Lady Gaga’s dedicated choreographer team is invited at a high salary, and Hollywood-level performance will bring us an immersive story of going from war to peace. The catering team of world-class Starwood Hotel Group, which is one of the world's largest hotel groups, is invited, also the first choice of catering for local foreign merchants and high-end customers in Hawaii.


Follow the rhythm, participate in celebration procession, take a hero photo in front of the warcraft with the halo of World War II, blow the triumphant trumpet in the sunset, and those distant dreams in the past are about to turn up.


【2】Shoot Group Photo in Kualoa Ranch


Kualoa Ranch in Oahu Island, Hawaii is one of the world's most famous private nature reserves. Built in 1850, the park covers an area of 4000 acres and is a traditional cattle ranch and farm managed by a local family in Hawaii. Kualoa Ranch can be called an exclusive shooting location of Hollywood, whose spectacular natural scenery attracts countless well-known film and television to be shot here.


The group photo is a must for 2017 NU SKIN GREATER CHINA SUCCESS TRIP every year, which not only records the pace of our study trip, but also acts as the best witness of the five motives to practice success in the past year. This year's group photo will be taken in Kualoa Ranch where numerous classic pictures have been created, which also means we hope this photo to become a classic one, and everyone in the photo will become NU SKIN’s model. As long as you continue to keep your dreams, lock your goals, stick to your beliefs, and act positively, you can become a leader of NU SKIN who makes an example and is responsible. Wearing the most local characteristic Hawaiian shirt, shout "ALOHA" to Hawaii on behalf of NU SKIN!



【3】Star Creators Banquet


You are exclusively invited for the well-chosen Sheraton Princess Kaiulani right here in this Star Creators Banquet, to feel the elegant and former site of Royal Imperial Burial Place, where you can get private servicing of Hawaii banquet.


Sheraton Princess Kaiulani (this garden oasis hotel) was built on the former site of Royal Imperial Burial Place of the last princess of Hawaii – Kaiulani, born on October 16, 1875 in Honolulu as the only child of Kalakaua Dynasty. Her braveness and fortitude characters brought her the loft social position in Hawaii.


What the scenic spot represents is exactly the spirit of fellows in NU SKIN, to stand up to all challenges, contribute your power to society, keep advancing bravely along the way for pursuing dreams, and foresee a better You.


【4】Let’s go green!


Love the Earth, let’s go green!

This time we cooperate with manufacturer conferred with several international environmental protection certificates and having patent fabric printing technology. Each piece of clothing is made from used coffee bean pulp and recycled pet bottle, into cloth for Hawaii shirt through patent technology. Due to features of coffee, the Hawaii shirt made from coffee bean pulp has excellent effect of quick drying, ultraviolet proof and odor controlling.


One Hawaii shirt = 3 cups of coffee + 5 recyclable pet bottles

6000 Hawaii shirts = 18000 cups of coffee + 30000 recyclable pet bottles


This year, in Hawaii, let us join hands to love the Earth and to be environmental protectors in 2017! Besides the Hawaii shirt, please also enjoy the purity and nature in water station  「WAI」.

Pure water is 「WAI」 in Hawaiian, standing for rarity and purity. Hawaii is surrounded by sea, and main fresh water resource for several islands comes from rainfall. Therefore, WAI is important constitution and main tribute for Hawaii indigenous people, who respect and cherish WAI and love to share WAI with others. Nowadays, pure water finally flows to soil in the east of Kaimuki, Oahu. Sharing WAI is the tradition of Hawaii ancestors, so for this trip, we prepare cups for you to fill with WAI from Hawaii, to nourish your body and spirit and be grateful to the nature.


Experience colorful Hawaii in one time, full aspects and multiple angels, and more surprises are waiting for us to experience in April.