2018 We CAN Rise, Are You Ready? (October 28, 2016)

2018 We CAN Rise, Are You Ready?

October 28, 2016

In Macau, NU SKIN just announced the destination of the Success Trip 2018 at the end of this September. Over 5,000 partners rejoiced at this announcement.


NU SKIN was not boasting about the trip to Toronto, Canada, and we have already met a group of people. In early October, Mr. Michael Chan, the Minister of International Trade of Ontario, Canada and Ms. Johanne Belanger, the President and CEO of Tourism Toronto visited NU SKIN Greater China Innovation Park (GCIP) together for the kick-off ceremony of the NU SKIN Greater China’s exciting overseas incentive trip 2018.

Representatives of Greater China Growth Service Provider expressed the warm welcome to the guests from Canada.


Ms. Angela Lau, Regional Vice President, NU SKIN Greater China began by telling “The story of a spoon”  to introduce company’s history and its culture of “Force for Good”, and ageLOC me® was NU SKIN’s innovative products to share with the guests from Canada, enhancing the audiences’ confident and trust in NU SKIN and to consider it as an ideal business partner.


On the same occasion, Ms. Avis Chau, the Vice President of NU SKIN Greater China Success Inspirations, also outlined some details about some recent and coming Success Trip, starting from 2014 in Dubai, 2015 in Korea, 2016 in Sydney, 2017 in Hawaii to 2018 in Toronto. The comprehensive planning and arrangement excited Mark Crawford, the Director of International Business Development for Tourism Toronto, he said: “Your event is just like the Olympic Games! The Olympic Games is held once every four years, and yet you have managed to hold this event every year. I am amazed at what you have made it so far.” Despite their experience in corporate-scale tourism co-operation projects, Tourism Toronto said it was the first time they have ever handled such a big event.


Both parties are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation in 2018 after this harmonious meeting. Michael Chan, Ontario's Minister for International Trade, expressed that Toronto was honored to be selected as the first Canadian city to cooperate with NU SKIN Greater China.


NU SKIN and Tourism Toronto officially signed a cooperation agreement.


An ice hockey jersey was presented to NU SKIN as a gift from the Canadian VIPs. Are You Ready for 2018?

As a token of thanks, NU SKIN presented a customized version of ageLOC me® to the delegation in return, promoting the new era of smart skincare to all.

Subsequently, the group went on a tour at NU SKIN Greater China Innovation Park (GCIP), which was a great way to conclude this visit to NU SKIN with more in-depth understanding of NU SKIN’s corporate philosophy and culture.


Scientists explained the development and production of NU SKIN products and the 6S Quality Process.


Here the delegation came over to the open office environment, Johanne acclaimed its hip and chic style. She said even she wish she could join NU SKIN. It would be really our pleasure to have you too!


Enjoy the NU SKIN 3333 + a nutrition staff meal, this was really a worthwhile visit!


“Toronto literally means “a place to meet” in the local Indian language. We all look forward to seeing you, your family and your many more business partners.” Hey, the governor of Ontario, Canada and The mayor of Toronto send their greetings across the Pacific Ocean to the NU SKIN family.



2018 is also the Year of Tourism for Canada. We are looking forward to come along with your great passion, burning like the bright red maple leaves.
NU SKIN has paved a path of bright future for our partner and all you need to do is to get moving!
We have taken actions. See you in Success Trip 2018 !