2016 NU SKIN Greater China Academy This Is an Unprecedented Mega Home Party Which Is Full of Magic Energy (September 14, 2016)

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2016 NU SKIN Greater China Academy
This Is an Unprecedented Mega Home Party Which Is Full of Magic Energy

September 14, 2016

An anonymous letter was received and asked for help recently, which states: “the world is in a transition. We are in urgent need of stars with infinite energy to safeguard peace. When everyone was at a loss what to do, infinite star power was detected in the vast galaxy. After looking for a long time, we finally found the source at 2016 NU SKIN Greater China Academy.”


Such a great task shocked people! NU SKIN is now sending  invitations to you to dress up, carry our tokens, transform into NU SKIN Star Warriors in the best mental state for the Star Awards! The one who met the party theme "Star War" and has the most outstanding dress code may receive a little gifts on site.

You must look better  than the model  on the above pictures!


It is not enough to just dress up like a star! NU SKIN prepares a welcoming gift pack for every participant. Let’s check what will have there!

The environmental friendly Lego-style notebook and kraft paper pencil will help you to record all your battles. Live and learn! This interesting stationary will make your study become more funny.

The customized pilot jacket was made of environmental friendly materials which will make you look younger and more energetic. It will increase you learning spirits as well.

My NU SKIN backpack let me walk with pride!

My luggage is always with me! Only NU stars will have such a unique luggage tags!

What? Is that all? NU SKIN is an expert of creating surprises and prepares many amazing bedside gifts for you. Please pay attention, if you already had NU SKIN headset, please take and use it, and return the new NU SKIN headset to staff who are in charge of collecting the headset on-site, you will get a surprise magic sticker (Velcro)!


Finally, “NU SKIN Academy Warmup Match” which is an online game and will be available soon. During September 19-23 2016, a new mini game will be unlocked every 9am on WeChat. Please participate in the games and share with others!


Everything we found out has been reported! In fact, NU SKIN Greater China Growth Service Providers are good at keeping secret. You have to come to Macau to discover it by yourself! NU SKIN meets you on 2016 NU SKIN Greater China Academy!

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