Extraordinary Life of Ordinary People: Learn To Tell Stories in 2016 NU SKIN Greater China Academy (September 5, 2016)

Extraordinary Life of Ordinary People:
Learn To Tell Stories
in 2016 NU SKIN Greater China Academy

September 5, 2016

In NU SKIN , every undertaking partner more or less has a dream of being a superhero. They are not content with being minor and tired of acting as a backdrop forever. On the stage of life, everyone wants to be the leading role, who is dazzling and brilliant. But thinking is just thinking. Are you really determined to abandon your comfortable life and take risks?

People desire a world of universal harmony, while hoping for a distinctive life. However, when people stand at the life crossroads, most of them decide to remain unchanged. If people say, hope is much more important  than living , then courage is more precious than hope, because it is always easier to think, rather than to work out.

There was a railway worker who quitted his job at 35-year-old, sold out his house and then set off on a journey round the world with his family. As a brave man, he chose a way that many people will not take, and did what ordinary people desire but not dare to do. He eventually made his dream come true. Now, he enjoys his freedom  and unique living style, "with the blue sky on the left hand and the broad ocean on the right hand".


(Below video in Chinese only.)

Zhai Feng was tired of the boring and repeating life and desired to be different. He always had a dream of sailing. He was eager to travel across the oceans and face the storms in front of him.


For this purpose, Zhai Feng and his wife quitted their jobs, sold out their house, and started the sailing round the world with their 8-year-old daughter. This was not accepted by most of the people, was exactly the way of living he desired.


At the beginning, people have doubt on this reckless trip. People thought that it was so luxury for an ordinary working-class family, or that Zhai Feng was irresponsible for the family. However, with great efforts, he achieved his dream step by step, and other people started to understood him. Apart from knowledge and experience, he received a lot of support and encouragement.


The most difficult part was not the process, but taking out the first step bravely. After they experienced everything, now they looked back, they found the life-and-death choice made at the very beginning has become less important, and they did not care them anymore.


In September, Zhai Feng will show up at 2016 NU SKIN Greater China Academy, where he will share three inspirational stories to us "Dream, Set Goals, Believe, Take Action and Lead". Don't miss it.


Zhai Feng's story made us realize that the meaning of life, which is usually beyond your normal understanding. Our experience may not be as exciting as his experience, but we are all unique and have our own unique wonderful story.


A touching story is usually easy to remember, spread, resonate with somebody and arouse discussion, and stimulate listeners. The power of story helps us to enlarge the influence. How to present a good story, how to make the story interesting? How to find more partners with same interest, who are willing come across every mountain together through story sharing?

Mr. Zhao Jinxing, UK City & Guilds certified international trainer and Co-founder of Storytelling Concept, will share the "Story of Power" with us at 2016 NU SKIN Greater China Academy: A good story should present humanity, touching and realistic . Storytelling has some methods . We can learn the "Routines" to follow it. Every unique business partner need the skill of story organization, presentation and story delivery. You will benefit a lot from this lesson.


When people heard a touching story, they are willing to response. A good story teller should be willing to touch everyone, including himself/ herself. In 2016 NU SKIN Greater China Academy, the story from Zhai Feng will encourage more people to take the first step. Let's enjoy storytelling, and make sharing become a habit!