“A DATE WITH ME” –ageLOC Me® Moves into the Most Advanced Skincare Technology (June 10, 2016)

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“A DATE WITH ME” –ageLOC Me® Moves into the Most Advanced Skincare Technology

June 10, 2016

The highly appreciated event “A DATE WITH ME” was returned on June 3, 2016. Once again, the business partners and their new friends packed the venue, and more visitors had found out their exclusive “me codes” after experienced ageLOC Me®, and started to order their personalized skin care products


The sharing , “A talk on “me"”, was the highlight of the event, NU SKIN is very honored to have invited 4 groups of guests to share their views with us regarding to the product, the future trend, and also the key success factors of many businesses in the near future. First, Kin Lam, the media host leaded a group of 90’s stylish young men and young beauties to share the trend of customization in their mind. Then, Frankie Ng & Ronald Lee, who were once lawyers, have shared us the reason they changed their career lives after they met the business opportunity of NU SKIN. After that, Renee Cheung & Gemina Cheung, who are the twins explained that even they look very similar, they still have different skin care requests. They stressed that ageLOC Me® is able to show the unique of everyone. Finally, Spencer Choy, the experienced businessman shared on how were products being analyzed and the business opportunity from the view of an entrepreneur. ageLOC Me® changes the skin care habit, it creates the trend of customized skincare and develops a thriving number of new business opportunities!


Business partners, let bring your ageLOC Me® today and feel the difference of Me with your friends, move forward and Discover the Best You together!