2016 NU SKIN Greater China Regional Convention 5 Success Motives Workshop Can Lead You to Success

2016 NU SKIN Greater China Regional Convention
5 Success Motives Workshop Can Lead You to Success

May 13, 2016



There is no shortcut to success. However, follow the success road map of NU SKIN– Dream, Set Goals, Believe, Take Action, and Lead, can serve as the beacon light to lighten your way to success. If you can really put these five success motives into practice, you will be surprised to find how close you are to success in this business.


Now, we have these leaders, though they have different backgrounds and professional experiences, they all have gained their successful V-life at NU SKIN through the practice of the 5 Success Motives. They will share their true stories and personal experience in running the NU SKIN business at 2016 NU SKIN Greater China Regional Convention. By learning from their experience and absorbing energy with their inspiration, you can get hold of the golden key to success.


SATTABANASUK, PACHAREEPAN:Dreams From The Enlightenment and Inspiration of Your Heart


In order to live her parents' dream, SATTABANASUK, PACHAREEPAN completed a master's degree at Boston University in finance and banking. She was well aware that everyone is somehow living others’ dreams. One should have his own desires and should pursue his own dreams when he has grown up – if you don’t have a dream, you are just like a strayed fish in the ocean without direction. When SATTABANASUK, PACHAREEPAN met NU SKIN, she knew that she has found her dream of a lifetime!


Having a quick assessment on the business model of NU SKIN, SATTABANASUK, PACHAREEPAN realized that it was an opportunity to financial freedom, she immediately wrote down her short term and long term goals. Everyday, she makes sure that she works in accordance with her goals. Her biggest dream now is to lift the status of NU SKIN in Thailand – an objective that she put efforts to achieve immediately after learning about NU SKIN’s sales compensation plan.


SATTABANASUK, PACHAREEPAN described their road to leadership as “wonderful” and “miracle”. They also realized that growing business ties and building relationship with others are the power to strive for success. She never stopped introducing NU SKIN to others, as she wants to share her dreams with others. She learns from many experienced business leaders of NU SKIN in order to inspire their teammates, which on the other hand motivates them.


SATTABANASUK, PACHAREEPAN believed that leaders are people who pave the way for others. A strong desire to succeed will make one focus on his goals. SATTABANASUK, PACHAREEPAN agree that to dream big is to empower oneself for all the productive actions. Being ready to scarify for your own dream is an extremely important factor for your success. You must never give in to those who try to stop you from pursuing your dreams. She has achieved financial freedom and is motivated to carry on their hard work. She now focuses on helping team members to achieve their dreams.


Amy Chou:One day! You must thank yourself for all the hard work done today


Amy started her NU SKIN business when she was 21 years old and she had nothing. She had neither people network nor capital. However, in NU SKIN platform provided her a fair opportunity with other million dollar circle members*. Amy is very grateful that NU SKIN gave her the opportunity for her to earn rewards through her own effort and eventually enjoy the fruits of success.


After Amy started her NU SKIN business over a decade, whether she moved back to Vancouver from Taiwan or being a full-time mother for 5 years after giving birth to her autistic daughter, she had never needed to find a new job due to moving or immigration because what NU SKIN offered was an international business in which time zones are not a problem. NU SKIN provides a rewarding business opportunity and allows us to accumulate all of our past contributions.


She didn’t understand why she worked so hard at the time, but now Amy is very grateful that she persevered through the challenges. NU SKIN is indeed a great business that allows people to have the opportunity to succeed and make their dreams come true!


Michelle Liang:With courage and dedication, you can fulfill your dreams.


Michelle, born in Guangzhou, studied urban planning and architectural design in the college. After graduation, she got a job at an international company and became one of the company’s first batches of trainees. She had to carry the 10kg product package to many small stores every day. Because of her total commitment to her job, she was quickly promoted. However, she began to find it difficult to balance her home and work life.


By chance, Michelle’s friend introduced NU SKIN to her and they felt the path for their future was clear. Michelle gave up her well-paid job as the sales director in Southern China of an international company and her husband, Mr. Wu also closed all his businesses. They were attracted by NU SKIN’s innovative products and rewarding business opportunities, and deeply touched by the corporate culture of Force for Good of NU SKIN. Both of them devote every effort to start their NU SKIN business and spend their time to help others achieve their dreams.


Now they enjoy a wonderful life. They can arrange their time freely, to spend time with their family and provide them the best quality of life. Michelle committed to continue to help their partners fulfill their dreams and be successful at NU SKIN with passion, love, and a positive attitude.

Tomohiko Hashikawa:Leading by Actions


Prior to joining NU SKIN, Tomohiko Hashikawa felt he was a poor-performing salaried worker. He saw NU SKIN as a way to change his future by working part-time building a NU SKIN business. He started out by making two lists in his day planner: one for what he “wanted to be” and another for what “he did not want to be.” Hashikawa-san looked at these lists every day, and gradually began to realize the true potential NU SKIN offered. As he advanced in title, his confidence also grew, since he realized he had the power to create his own future. He also discovered that success as a NU SKIN distributor requires working with others as if they were family. “I am 100 percent sure that my success was entirely based on the relationship I had with my NU SKIN partners,” says Hashikawa-san.


With each new success, Hashikawa-san knew he could truly be successful. He believes it is very important for leaders to guide their team not by words but through actions, a philosophy he consistently stresses to people in his organization. He also works with his new team members to help them determine their own vision for the future based on their values.


Lilian Ong:Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.


Success, as quantified by many, is the possession of great wealth, power and admiration by others. But for Lilian Ong, her measure of success is not by what she owns, but the difference she has made.

 “My definition of success is whether I made a difference in improving the lives of others. I constantly ask myself, ‘Did I make a positive impact in their lives?’ That to me is most gratifying. Qualifying as a Team Elite* again gives me greater responsibility to want to make more people realize that the NU SKIN business opportunity is real and truly rewarding.”


Today, she is a strong proponent of direct selling business and confident that NU SKIN is the company to be with. “NU SKIN is my love and passion. It no longer feels like work to me because I love what I do every day. NU SKIN has transformed my life and in turn, I am charged with this mission to bring this gift to others.” Compared to 10 years ago when the Singapore MLM industry was in its infancy, finding success through NU SKIN is so much easier now because there is a greater acceptance and awareness about the legitimacy of direct selling business model.


 “I find that the longer one stays and does the NU SKIN business, the easier it becomes. What’s important to keep yourself going is commitment. Never stop till you reach your goals. And it is vital to have goals that matter a lot to you and know why you have them. You need to turn those goals into burning desires and the stamina to go the distance will come naturally,” shared Lilian about her personal realization of what keeps people going in this business. In addition, the credits unconditional trust amongst business partners, team synergy and leveraging on the group’s strengths as key pillars of support to shorten the learning curve of success.


* Million Dollar Circle Members are independent distributors who have earned over one-million US dollars in commissions over the lifetime of their NU SKIN distributorship. Not all distributors succeed or make money. Generating meaningful compensation as a distributor requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. For more information about the Sales Compensation Plan of NU SKIN, please contact NU SKIN office at your home market or go to www.nuskin.com.
* The term “Million Dollar Circle Member” is not applicable to our Mainland China business, as we operate under a different business model there. Individuals from Mainland China recognized here, are recognized for achieving the Million Circle under that business model.