We All Did It in Sydney ! And We Must Go to Hawaii Together! (April 22, 2016)

2016 NU SKIN Success Trip
We All Did It in Sydney ! And We Must Go to Hawaii Together!

April 22, 2016


Deportation of criminals from England to Australia was once common. People in Australia were poor, lonely and ignored by others. However, the immigrants did not give up themselves. They dared to dream, to think, to create and continuously to breakthrough. Finally, the world noticed Australia.

2016 NU SKIN Success Trip, because of you, we gathered and created the history and the record together. We are full of energy and ready to face the next challenge. Business partners, 2017 love together, we meet at Hawaii.


Continue to Create New Record The Olympic Spirit of NU SKIN
2016 NU SKIN Success Trip, we created new history again:


4000 NU SKIN Greater China Business Partners created the largest travel tour in Sydney,  Australia
The largest incentive trip in Sydney with more than 4000.


Sydney Harbour Bridge Challenge
The most people from a single company in one trip climbed on Sydney Harbour Bridge.


NU SKIN, the first company which reserved the whole Darling Harbour in Sydney
The first time Australia Government allowed a corporate to reserve the whole Darling Harbour, the landmark of Sydney, and transformed into NU SKIN exclusive harbor.


Challenge the twelfth NU SKIN Guinness World Records
Challenge the most people participated in painting the wood puzzle, and successfully created the new record.


Exclusively reserved the Sydney Town Hall and have the Luxury Dinner
NU SKIN reserved the Sydney Town Hall, which has been built in more than 140 years ago to have the Palace dinner


Reserved the Sydney Olympic Park to Have Seminar
NU SKIN reserved the Sydney Olympic Park to hold the 5 Success Motives Seminar, and hope that business partners will keeping passing the torch of dream to others, and moved into the Sydney Olympic Park had the meaning of moving forwards, and never give up, which is the same as Olympic Spirit.


Go Green Be Environmental Friendly
NU SKIN used APP to announce all the activity news without printing any booklet this time. It successfully reduced the usage of 140,000 piece A4 paper which is equal to 2 tones wood. Also, NU SKIN provided the Sydney water bottle to business partners, in order to encourage them to use their own water bottle and reduced 18,000 bottle of water successfully. More, NU SKIN used GOTS cotton fabric to be the material of jacket to support environmental friendly materials.

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