“A Date with me” - Experience an all New ageLOC me® ! (April 1, 2016)

“A Date with me” - Experience an all New ageLOC me® !

April 1, 2016

“A Date with me” was successfully held at NU SKIN Plaza in Causeway Bay on March 29, 2016. The event venue was packed with business partners and their new friends to experience and witness the skin care revolution brought by ageLOC Me®, creating new business opportunities.

During the event, NU SKIN prepared many ageLOC Me® for trial. Business partners and friends received an exclusive one-to-one ageLOC Me® introduction and training and also found out their exclusive “me codes” instantly for the order of their customized personal skin care products in the future.

We were very pleased to invite Vera Waters, an outstanding international icon in etiquette and beauty industry, who is also the first lady awarded '10 Outstanding Young Persons' in Hong Kong; Thomas Ho, the senior lawyer with 20 years’ experience in international commerce, Executive Director and former Vice-Chairman of a listed company, Derek Li, the host of a TV show and Judy Ip, the Chief Creative Consultant of a famous fashion brand in Hong Kong and also a famous fashion blogger;  to share with us their views regarding the future trend on product design and research development.  Apparently, customization is gradually becoming the trend and also the key success factor of many businesses in the near future.

In order to have a stronger feelings of  customized and personalized concept, we also invited artists Vincent Yan and Jimi Wong to create the first ever hand painting ageLOC Me® named “Opportunity” that day.  Besides, many business partners could also enjoy the artjam moment and created their personalized ageLOC Me®!

Act now, bring your ageLOC Me® today and feel the difference of Me with your friends, move forward and Discover the Best You together!