2015 First Quarter ageLOC® Anti-aging Forums End with Great Success! (January 30, 2015)

2015 First Quarter ageLOC® Anti-aging Forums End with Great Success!

January 30, 2015

The 2015 First Quarter ageLOC® Anti-aging Forums were successfully held in Chengdu, Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Taiyuan, Beijing, Taipei, Taichung, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Yinchuan and Shenyang. Business partners participated in these forums and learnt relevant information about anti-aging and its unlimited potential business opportunities!


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Ren Yiping, Scientist, Global Research and Development, introduced the outstanding ageLOC® science to let business partners have a better understanding of the anti-aging science. Glenn Cheney, Senior Manager of Technical Communications for Pharmanex Research & Development, shared the excellence of ageLOC® with business partners.
Hong Kong: Shinnie has improved the quality of life and obtained friendship through the business platform of NU SKIN. Moreover, she obtained joy and a sense of accomplishment by helping partners to become successful. Taipei,Taichung: Zhang Shufang wants to create a bigger stage for partners. Aiming at cultivating more Million Circle members, she will bring more partners together to challenge themselves and rewrite their lives.
Chengdu: Liangying, Million Circle member, shared how she achieved success while helping others in their accomplishment and assisting others. Xi’an: Liangfang, Million Circle member, shared her stories of achieving success and obtaining happiness.
Hangzhou: Jiang Jianjun, Million Circle member, shared how he obtained success and reaped wonderfulness in NU SKIN. Taiyuan: Chai Shulin, Million Circle member, shared his story of continuously achieving his goal in NU SKIN.
Zhengzhou: Liang Jiuchun shared how he helped more people improve the qualities of lives and create more smiles through NU SKIN’s open platform. Guangzhou: Li Jian, Million Circle member, is very pleased with his life in NU SKIN of working and creating dreams with people who have dreams and dare to realize them.
Yinchuan: Ma Hongbei, Million Circle member, shared how she helped more people improve the quality of life. Shenyang: Wu Bing learnt how to help others in good faith in NU SKIN and expected to help more people get a happy life in the future.
The newly-designed product showcase attracted many business partners. Business Partners participated actively in the event and set a good example by lining up to enter the venue. 
Partners read the materials seriously in order to know more about the excellence of NU SKIN. Business Partners responded actively and the atmosphere was very good.