2015 NU SKIN Academy let’s have a talk, partners! (September 25, 2015)

2015 NU SKIN Academy
let’s have a talk, partners!

September 25, 2015


After the 4-night trip of 2015 NU SKIN Academy, we believe that you should be full of energy to develop your business. Please do not forget that, NU SKIN is always supporting you and standing by you.

The below videos are the true records of our experience during 2015 NU SKIN Academy, you can see those you haven’t seen at the back stage. The time spending with you, they seem the same, but still different, they seem familiar and green to us. We travelled many places together and visited various of scenes. But it will never change that we are always supporting you.  

Please click below links to watch the videos on NU Channel.
2015 NU SKIN Academy Recap
2015 NU SKIN Academy behind the scenes

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