2015 NU SKIN V Party What a Wonderful Starry Night Because of You! The Recap of Hong Kong Session! (September 4, 2015)

2015 NU SKIN V Party
What a Wonderful Starry Night Because of You! The Recap of Hong Kong Session!

September 4, 2015

2015 NU SKIN V Party was the first recognition held in the form of a dancing party in NU SKIN Greater China. The final session ended up successfully on August 29, 2015, with over 2,200 attendees singing and dancing together in Hong Kong Kai Tak Cruise Terminal.

Sandie N. Tillotson, Co-founder and Senior Vice President, Nu Skin Enterprises was invited from US to be the guest holding the opening speech for the Hong Kong session. Followed by, Dr. Joe Chang, Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President, Product Development, Nu Skin Enterprises, presented to us the excellence of ageLOC® science and ageLOC® innovative products. Furthermore, Million Circle Member, Xu Dong was invited to have a sharing about his gains and losses in doing the NU SKIN business. He shared how he keeps positive under difficult conditions, how to be the role model for others. And let your target to become the target of your business partners, in the other hand, let the targets of your business partners become your target. As a result, the whole team is united and will move forward to the same target. This is one of the key to success. NU SKIN also recognized a number of pin advancements, pre New Star, pre Star Creators and the pre - 4 Star Creators to thanks for their achievement. They were one of the shinning stars in the night sky of Victoria Harbour on that night.

A series of funny and excited game booths, food stalls, and Mobile Softee were set in the V-party in order to let our business partners definitely enjoy the party after their work hard over the months.Of course, Force for Good must not be missed. We specially invited the Codekey Cookies and Non-Visual Design Creativity of Dialogue Experience to bring their delicious Braille Cookies and clothes designed by the Visually-Impaired people. Our blind partners not only provide their own designed and produced products for the charity sell, but also especially joined our V-party and sell the items themselves. Our business partners responded enthusiastically and was rushing to buy cookies and clothes. Our business partners do not forget Force for Good while making pin advancements and continue to create more smiles.

"Keep striving for Pin Advancement, keep Creating Star", let us continue the ebullience of V Party, keep moving forward, and together marching towards Fortune Global 500!

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