2015 NU SKIN Academy Speaker Introduction (August 28, 2015)

2015 NU SKIN Academy
Facing equal opportunity in NU SKIN, why can they succeed?

Aug 28, 2015


To what degree of hard work and perseverance or to what degree of belief and willpower will achieve you a V-life at NU SKIN? How would people from various professions with different backgrounds and experiences make a change to their life through NU SKIN business? 10 prestigious guests are invited to 2015 NU SKIN Academy to have their unique 5 Success Motives sharing. The brilliance of their speeches can be expected and you can’t afford to miss it, which is the golden key, bringing you to the door of success.


September 17, 2015  5 Success Motives Seminar - The First Session    

Dream - Liu Yan


While belief is the starting point, perseverance will lead you to the end of the journey.

Born in an ordinary and poor family in Ningxia, China, Liu Yan dreamed of “becoming and outstanding person in one day ” whenever she encountered difficulties in her childhood. After graduating from secondary school, Liu Yan left home and started her adventure. After tasting the joys and sorrows in life during the adventure, she finally met her current partners Liu Xin-mei and Ma Hong-bei. The three of them started their NU SKIN business. Liu Yan admitted that she expected to have a better living standard when she joined NU SKIN. Through her hard work, she has achieved Million Circle Member* and consequently her life goal has been sublimated. Now being a leader, she is accountable to many partners, who have dreams and aspirations , ant they are quite penniless , who just like Liu Yan in the past. Therefore, the goal of Liu Yan in the future is to help her partners fulfilling their dreams.



Set Goals - Jiang Jian-jun


Generosity conglomerates people; a broad mind wins people; self-discipline convinces people; an exemplary role leads people.


“The earning in the past ten-years from teaching can hardly catch up with one-year housing inflection.” Jiang Jian-jun, who used to work in education industry, but the reality is reality, and he was eager to seek an opportunity for change. In the beginning, he thought NU SKIN business was a job of sales. There is a big psychological gap to him, and this made it hard for him to sit in the classroom and listen to the sale technique. So he always sat in the last row and refuse to take notes in class. In fact, he skipped class as often as possible. As he said, “At that time, I didn’t have an attitude.” Gradually, when he understood the operation of this business, he changed into a positive attitude. He always sat in the first row in the class and took notes seriously. “The longer I run NU SKIN business, I became much stronger and I am able to breakthrough myself," said Jiang Jian-jun. In the beginning, as a big and tall guy, he hesitated to demonstrate products to girls so he always asked partners to do it for him. After 3 to 4 months, he finally mustered his courage to take his first step to demonstrate products by himself. He made his first breakthrough in this business. His positive attitude in work and impressive performance in business have made his family more confident in him. “Before joining NU SKIN, our life was like a black-and-white television but now it’s like a colorful one,” said Jiang Jian-jun. Striving for one goal, one dream, he and Huang Hai-ying’s life become better and better.

Believe - Huang Zhao-fang


Success, it’s worth the perseverance.

Huang Zhao-fang used to be an ordinary office worker. She chose NU SKIN just in order to improve her living condition.
With the determination to succeed, she is achieving her goals one after another even didn’t have any connections at the beginning. Huang Zhao-fang is so thankful for what she has attained, pursuing better life and fulfilling dreams with her partners together. “I know this is doomed. Though it was hard at first, I still feel happy, as everything is worthwhile.” Huang Zhao-fang succeeds in NU SKIN out of love, which not only makes her own dream come true, but also help her partners find their life goals.


Take Action - Zhou Yang


Life is like a movie out of print. You’ve got to make it full of recallable brilliant moments.

Zhou Yang has been promoted to a higher position with more considerable salary, a sense of crisis still lingered with him because he didn’t have the opportunity to realize freedom and self-fulfillment. NU SKIN’s excellent products and lucrative business opportunity made him decide to join NU SKIN. Through years of hard work, he fulfilled his dream of becoming a Million Circle Member* in 2013. Today, he hopes to help 100 partners achieve success. Through this outstanding NU SKIN platform, he hopes to work with his partners to create numerous miracles. Ultimately, he wants to print “I’M POSSIBLE” in his life dictionary and keep creating miracles with his partners

Lead - Liang Fang


The meaning of life lies in helping more people to obtain happiness and achieve success.    

Before meeting NU SKIN, Liang Fang had made remarkable performance in another world-famous household and personal products company. It took extreme courage for her to make the decision to join NU SKIN. “I give up what I already have and pursue a better future.” She started from scratch and devoted all her energy to NU SKIN business. For Liang Fang, a belief leads to all her achievements today, as she firmly believes: The meaning of life lies in helping more people to obtain happiness and achieve success.


September 17, 2015  5 Success Motives Seminar - The Second Session  
Dream - Jing Yan


I believe people with dreams and perseverance will be bound to join NU SKIN.    

Jing Yan grew up in a rural village in the northern Shaanxi province. Before working for NU SKIN, she and her husband Pan Guo-qing ran a “Chinese burger” business in Xi'an. Thanks to their business integrity, their business expanded, developing from a 5-square-meter snack bar to a 200-square-meter restaurant. After meeting NU SKIN, the couple exerted themselves and their health and life quality have undergone a tremendous change. Meanwhile, Jing Yan’s husband started working for NU SKIN and became a Circle Member, TEP, and a recipient of Centurial Star Expedition Leadership Bonus. All these are made possible by NU SKIN’s level playing field: as long as you made genuine contribution, you are rewarded justly. Jing Yan said originally she chose NU SKIN in order to provide a better environment for her children and her family. Through the platform of NU SKIN and the force for good, the couple’s quality of life experienced a favorable turn and realized dreams. Now they are dedicated to helping more partners attain their ideals and upgrade their living quality.


The starlight will only be found in darkness. As long as you keep on shining, you will become the Sun one day. 
Born in an entrepreneurial family that had started from scratch, Wu Zhen-er has seen his parents painstakingly striving for their business since his childhood. Since then, he has always thought of making a better life for his parents as soon as possible. That’s why he started taking a part-time job when he was still in college. On one occasion, he met NU SKIN. Seeing so many outstanding young people had also chosen this business and achieved success much greater than people of the same age, he decided that NU SKIN was the business platform he had desired. Through NU SKIN platform, Wu Zhen-er has not only fulfilled his dreams, but also helped many young people who had dreams like him succeed. In the future, he hopes to lead his partners to strive forward with all their strength. He also hopes to find the right people continuously and help more people succeed. “I hope to live my dream life, accompany my family to do the things they like, and do many meaningful things in order to enhance and glorify NU SKIN Force for Good before I turn 40,” said Wu Zhen-er.


Believe    - Teresa Keung


Success is not privilege for minority    

Many people choose their careers based on a sense of mission. So does Teresa Keung. She used to work as a social worker. With a passion for helping people, Teresa’s personality fits perfectly with NU SKIN. She loves the spirit of helping each other among NU SKIN team partners and admires NU SKIN’s mission of improving people’s life by means of a well-established system. NU SKIN’s humanistic corporate culture allows Teresa to find an even better platform to fulfill her mission beyondout of her social welfare careercircle. Through the NU SKIN platform, Teresa can help people in a more effective and sustainable manner.


Take Action - Jiang Jun-ling


In life, it doesn’t matter what your current position is. What matters is whether or not you are always clear about in what direction you are moving forward.    

In her team, Jiang Jun-ling is known as an outstanding leader. In 2006, Jun-ling started to work part-time for NU SKIN, meeting the opposition from her husband, He Lei. However, her perseverance compelled He Lei to look into the NU SKIN business and discovered the opportunities that lie therein. He Lei quit his job in 2006 and devoted himself fully to NU SKIN instead. Three years later in 2009, his wife Jun-ling quit her job of senior management in a top-500 foreign company to join NU SKIN wholeheartedly, testing herself with a new challenge. Those 20-plus partners who have worked with them along the way from the beginning have all achieved Team Elite Platinum at NU SKIN, among which 11 have become Million Circle Members. In 2015, their team made a new start emphasizing leading with the heart and working together for a common goal so as to catch up with the company’s rhythm of becoming, creating and duplicating stars and move toward even higher goals.

Lead - Xiao Zhe-wei


Success is not determined by beating your opponents, but winning people’s hearts.    

Being a freedom lover, Xiao Zhe-wei does not like to be supervised by others. He always has a passion for starting his own business. Under the encouragement of his wife, he participated in NU SKIN Greater China Regional Convention in Hong Kong, during which he had a feeling that NU SKIN would be a platform for him to give full play to his talent. So he joined NU SKIN resolutely. At the first brush, he set a goal of achieving Two Million Circle Member. It took him 7 years to achieve this goal. At NU SKIN, he has gained not only fortune, but also many changes in lifestyle and personality.
In the past, he washed his whole body from head to foot with one piece of soap, but now he starts to take care of his skin and would share his ideas with others. He used to have a hot temper and often argued with people, and now he knows how to tolerate, admire and encourage other people. He once wore a long face showing an unhappy expression, now he always wears a smile and smiles brightly now. He was self-centered and now he has learned to put himself in others’ shoes.
“My past was all about defeating others; my present is about winning their hearts. At NU SKIN, you’ve got to take care of others’ needs. Actually, success is easy: to help people with all your heart so that they will appreciate your help from the bottom of their hearts,” said Xiao Zhe-wei.
Today, Xiao Zhe-wei has totally understood the true meaning of freedom: It’s not about owning the world, but being needed by the world.* Million Dollar Circle Members are distributors who have earned over one-million dollars in commissions over the lifetime of their Nu Skin distributorship. Not all distributors succeed or make money. Generating meaningful compensation as a Distributor requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. For more information about the Sales Compensation Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.

The term “Million Dollar Circle Member” is unrelated to our Mainland China business, as we operate under a different business model there. Individuals from Mainland China recognized here, are recognized for achieving the Million Circle under that business model.