NU SKIN LifeFit Event in Shenzhen Mini- Marathon Running Near Shenzhen Bay Park

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NU SKIN LifeFit Event in Shenzhen
Mini-Marathon Running Near Shenzhen Bay Park

August 14, 2015

With the theme of "Spark Burning Dream, Just as NU SKIN” and "torch flames" flying over Shenzhen Bay Park, 2015 NU SKIN LifeFit Event in Shenzhen started in Shenzhen Bay Park at 9 a.m. on July 26, 2015. After rhythmic Zumba and the firing of a gunshot, all participants ran vigorously to show the city their life philosophy of health and vitality.


Video Review


Event Review:

1)      All participants were enthusiastic about the event!


2)      Foreign professional trainers taught how to warm up before running. 


Angela Lau, Regional Vice President of NU SKIN Greater China and President of Northern Mainland and Hong Kong/Macau hoped that this event could promote a healthy, sporty and full of sunshine lifestyle to everyone, according to her speech. Wu Wenchao, an editorial board member of Daily Sunshine of Shenzhen Press Group hoped that the participants could drive the readers and runners to embrace a happier and a more scientific way of life.


3)      Five torch bearers held the torches high to guide all the runners.


4)      Over 600 participants enjoyed the running!


5 )      Sprint! Sprint! Sprint!

One after another, participants in blue T-shirts finished the mini-marathon of about 6.6 km, while the final championship went to Liu Donghui, who won the race with just 28’ 22".


6)      Professional fitness coaches designed physical activities for groups and demonstrated stretching exercise, letting the participants to have a relaxing exercise.


7)      Torches gathered again on the stage. Welcome next NU SKIN LifeFit event in China.


8)      Reporters were interviewing the torch bearers.

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