2015 NU SKIN Greater China Star Convention: Brilliant Events with Ongoing Resonance

2015 NU SKIN Greater China Star Convention:
Brilliant Events with Ongoing Resonance

August 7, 2015

2015 NU SKIN Greater China Star Convention in Nanjing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tianjin, Xi’an has been held successfully on July 25, 2015. 35,000 people came to NU SKIN’s most powerful business platform – 2015 Star Convention. Over 25,000 Essence Stones were given out to help our business partners in achieving their business successfully. Do you still remember the touching moments and the encouraging sharings from our business partners in 2015 Star Convention? Are you full of energy now? Are you well prepared to transform your life? Let’s watch the recap video of 2015 Star Convention.


[The Hottest EXPO activities]

There were well-designed activities such as “2016 Success Trip – Sydney", wall of ageLOC® product development, the V stage, interactive games, sharing, and the charity bazaar. Have you been empowered to Become Stars, Create Stars reaching the new height in your NU SKIN business?


[Recognition - Witness the Glory of Stars]

The three incentive trips, New One Million Dollar Circle Member* / New Five Million Dollar Circle Member / New Ten Million Dollar Circle Member, New Team Elite and 2014 Team Elite recognized qualifiers in Star Convention. Their success glows like shining stars. Are you being motivated? Let’s take the lead forward to your success road.


A good leader always comes along with self-improvement and helps others. What are their secrets of success? Let us learn from them.


Ten Million Dollar Circle Member* ─ Spencer Choy & Lily Lo  


Five Million Dollar Circle Member*─ Garmon Shiu & Teresa Keung


One Million Dollar Circle Member* ─ Winnie Chan & Thomas Ho / Shirley Yue / Phoebe Khioe / John Lee & Junice Lee


NU SKIN’s overseas activities must be the best in the world. NU SKIN always prepares the surprise you can’t imagine in their overseas activities. Are you coming with us together?


Our business partner, it’s your show time now! See you next year, in Sydney!


[Heavyweight Sharing and Accompanying You on the Way to Success]

In what way that hard work and tolerance can achieve V life? 8 honorable speakers came to 8 venues of Star Convention. They share their success experiences. After these amazing and encouraging stories, are you fulfilled with the messages? Are you confident enough?



  • Nanjing Session – Chen Xiucai: Starting point of your life is not important, but where you finally land matters.
  • Chengdu Session – Xiao Jiewei: Help others wholeheartedly and they would express their gratitude from the bottom of their hearts.
  • Guangzhou Session – Ronnie Park: Exceed your limits, you will have a completely different vision.
  • Hong Kong session – Spencer Choy & Lily Lo: We could always achieve better.
  • Taiwan Session – Hashikawa Tomohiko: Be a truly rational and kind leader who leads by example.
  • Beijing session – Yu Hong: Build a better future in NU SKIN.
  • Tianjin Session – Xu Dong: Keep working on the right track will bring you unexpected rewards!
  • Xi’an Session – Chen Su Yi: When a leader is willing to open his/her mind and his/her team will focus on further growth and progress.
[“NU SKIN Life” session – Explore Your Vision]
Via NU SKIN’s business platform, our business partners have the opportunities to achieve their dream lives. Some obtained their autonomy and enjoy leisure time with their families; some grasped the benefits of NU SKIN products and transformed to a successful entrepreneur; some discovered the better opportunities when compared with other businesses in risk managing. Their encouraging stories should have given you new insights.

[The Unlimited Extension of V life]

TR90 Transform in 90 Program is possibly the time machine when aging is being fierce to us. On the stage of Star Convention, we witnessed the glamorous transformation of their shapes and muscles. Do you want to experience the transformation and accept the challenge? Join NU SKIN TR90 Transform in 90 Program now and you will be the next shining star on stage. 2015 V Life ─ V face, V shape and V life. Let’s V dance! 


[Experts in anti-aging. Reveal the secret of ageLOC® technology and essential oils]

What does ageLOC® really mean? Did the revelation of technologies used in ageLOC® and essential oils strengthen you in achieving your dreams? ageLOC® is a great business opportunity that could not be missed! Grasp the opportunity, transform your life now!


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*To qualify for any pin level you must meet all the requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan, including retail sales.
*Million Dollar Circle Members/ Ten Million Dollar Circle Member are distributors who have earned over one/ten-million dollars in commissions over the lifetime of their NU SKIN distributorship. Not all distributors succeed or make money. Generating meaningful compensation as a Distributor requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. For more information about the Sales Compensation Plan of NU SKIN, please contact the company at 2837 7700 or go to www.nuskin.com.hk.