NU SKIN “Life Transformation Starts with Change” Campaign (July 24, 2015)

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NU SKIN “Life Transformation Starts with Change” Campaign
We invite you to witness the courage and determination of dream realization with nearly 100 life transformation stories.

July 24, 2015

The current NU SKIN “Life Transformation Starts with Change” campaign has been enthusiastically responded by nearly 100 NU SKIN business partners with their true life transformation stories. Through their personal stories, our business partners hope to pass on the courage to change and influence more people to start life transformation based on the belief of “if I can, you can”.

In life, many people may feel depressed, lost and confused, or even come across a bottleneck in emotional life, interpersonal relationship and health issue because of their figures. Nevertheless, these stories of our business partners tell you that they also had setbacks or confusion. Some of them focused too much on their careers at the cost of their health; some forgot to take good care of themselves for the sake of their kids and families; some lost their health, instead of improving their figures, simply because they chose the wrong approaches. However, when faced with these difficulties, they decided to make a change to restart their lives and foresee a better life. It may be due to a force, a chance, or a change of the mindset.

These true stories are divided into six categories, including lifestyle, career, exercise, diet, interpersonal relationship, and emotional life, which are closely related to life and waiting for you to explore. We hope, after reading these stories, you can share them with more people so as to influence more people and provide your own future with an opportunity to change. The stories’ providers will be rewarded with a bottle of NU SKIN ageLOC® True Face Essence Ultra as long as their stories have been shared over 500 times. Let’s wish good luck to our business partners who are striving to realize their “bigger life”.

For more information, please refer to the campaign website.

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