The 2015 NU SKIN Star Convention was successfully held in Hong Kong. See you next year! (July 17, 2015)

The 2015 NU SKIN Star Convention was successfully held in Hong Kong.
See you next year!

July 17, 2015

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The annual NU SKIN Star Convention was back among the laughters and tears of our business partners! The Hong Kong session has been held successfully on July 11, 2015. Do you still remember the touching moments and the encouraging sharings from our business partners? Are you full of energy now? Are you well prepared to accelerate yourself and empower your partners? Are you starting to keep creating stars and keep having pin advancement? And are you on your way to the new height in your NU SKIN business together?


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Detailed planning to allow for a full experience of the excellent culture of NU SKIN
In order to let our business partners and new friends have a better understanding of NU SKIN’s culture, we have paid particular efforts on the foyer decoration. The Success Roadmap starts off by leading us all the way through the 4 core values of NU SKIN, namely People, Products, Culture and Opportunity, and so we could learn more about the key to success. In addition, we have added the ageLOC® TR90® Trimshake Trial Booth as well as the V Stage so that our business partners may experience for themselves the excellence of Nu Skin’s products. To enhance the understanding of our business partners towards NU SKIN, we have also launched an interactive “Star Convention APP” whereby business partners could be awarded with an Essence Stone after completing the 5 mini games. Everyone was so excited!


Force for Good Create History by charity sale
The Charity Booth can always demonstrate the Force for Good culture of NU SKIN. This year we continued to cooperate with Children’s Heart Foundation for charity sale and it was greatly supported by our business partners. Everyone contributed to the Force for Good by taking action. The fund raised this year creates history with a total sum of HK$ 11,330.5.


Show your curves, 1+4 Catwalk, Transform your V Life
Business partners were even more excited inside the venue than outside. After the sharing by Dr. Angela Lau (the Regional Vice President of NU SKIN Greater China and President of Northern Mainland and Hong Kong and Macau) on the difference demonstrated by NU SKIN, touching moments came rushing in one after another! 14 business partners showed their results after transformation in the 1+4 Catwalk. Are you ready to be the next star?


“NU SKIN Life” session – Laughter and Tears in NU SKIN: Florence Fung/Rick Tam/Winnie Chan
We have invited 3 business partners who had the courage to transform themselves to be the guest speakers in NU SKIN Life. Florence was born in an impoverished family and she experienced the excellence of ageLOC® TRU FACE®Essence Ultra when she was invited to be the makeup artist in 2014 NU SKIN Greater China Regional Convention. Thus she made up her mind to join NU SKIN. Rick used to work for a famous U.S. IT company. He spent one year to observe the NU SKIN business and joined his wife Eva to engage in NU SKIN business and to realize their dream lives after recognizing the great business opportunity of NU SKIN. Winnie studied Visual Arts in Canada. She was amazed by the freedom of time enjoyed by a NU SKIN business partner and thus she started to know more about NU SKIN. Now she has more time to spend with her family and she said, “The biggest achievement in life is not your own success, but to see how your partners become successful.”


Witness your star glory You are the Star
More and more business partners have written a new chapter on the NU SKIN platform. By helping others to succeed, they become successful too. Let’s make use of this opportunity to recognize all Pin Advancement, New Stars, Star Creators, Team Elites*, Team Elites Platinum* and New Million Dollar Circle Members*. Thank you for your continuous motivation and support to other business partners while empowering people to improve lives.


Special guests – Lily Lo & Spencer Choy – The Pursuit of success has no destination!
Spencer and Lily used to run their business in Canada before they joined NU SKIN. Now they become Ten Million Dollar Circle Member* after 20 years in NU SKIN. The key to success is not about timing, but your decision, confidence and persistence. Also, you could only be successful if you learn to cherish and be grateful and not to let go of any single chance.


Thank you for the love and support to NU SKIN which brought many touching moments and memories in the Star Convention. We will continue to innovate and look forward to seeing you in the next Star Convention!


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The Mobile APP section

The exclusive gift "Essence Stone"

Let's V dance

The product demonstration section

The outer activity zone

The section of 2016 NU SKIN Success Trip

The booth of Force for Good

Angela Lau, Regional Vice President of NU SKIN Greater China and President of Northern Mainland and Hong Kong/Macau.

The Cat Walk Show

“NU SKIN Life” session

The photo of NTC Ambassador/ Long Term Ambassador/ Chief Ambassador/ Long Term Chief Ambassador and CHF Honorary Executive Directors/ Honorary Directors and Smiling Angels

The photo of all New Stars

The photo of all Pin Advancements

Lucia Mak & Daniel Lo, the 2014 Team Elite Platinum

The photo of New One Million Dollar Circle Member: Junice Lee & John Lee, Phoebe Khioe, Shirley Yue, Winnie Chan & Thomas Ho

The photo of New Five Million Dollar Circle Member: Teresa Keung & Garmon Siu

The photo of New Ten Million Dollar Circle Member: Spencer Choy & Lily Lo

The photo of New Ten Million Dollar Circle Member: Spencer Choy & Lily Lo

*To qualify for any pin level you must meet all the requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan, including retail sales.
*Million Dollar Circle Members/ Ten Million Dollar Circle Member are distributors who have earned over one/ten-million dollars in commissions over the lifetime of their Nu Skin distributorship. Not all distributors succeed or make money. Generating meaningful compensation as a Distributor requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. For more information about the Sales Compensation Plan of Nu Skin, please contact the company at 2837 7700 or go to