NU SKIN “Life Transformation Starts with Change” campaign (July 10, 2015)

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NU SKIN “Life Transformation Starts with Change” campaign
CFs of “Live life bigger” sweep across Greater China Region

July 10, 2015


NU SKIN “Life Transformation Starts with Change” campaign has been grandly launched on July 8, 2015. The three commercial films (CFs) of this campaign have received a warm response. These three stories clearly tell us that life transformation cannot wait and change has to start now. With a mere change of mindset, you can restart a “bigger life” and foresee a better self.

【Smaller waistline; Bigger success】
An industrious office worker got worse on his health condition and failed to give good performance in work due to the bustle and pressure in business. However, in order to recover his passion when first getting into the job, he made a change to his mindset and restarted a new lifestyle. With this change of mindset, he has not only improved his health, but also obviously improved his performance at work.

【Smaller figure; Bigger commitment】
A man who loves his wife deeply started to eat and drink immoderately and give up himself after his wife passed away. Nevertheless one night, remembering his promise to his wife before her death to live healthily, he started to take actions to regulate his diet and live a healthy lifestyle so as to stride toward a happy life.

【Smaller ballet tights; Bigger dream】
A young girl who has a passion for ballet was too self-abased to dance to her heart’s content in front of people because of her plump figure. Nevertheless, remembering her dream of becoming a dancer in her childhood, she started to make a change and decided to regulate her diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to improve her health condition and build self-confidence.

The three commercial films (CFs) are being intensively played on various on-line video media, such as YouTube, Yahoo, iQIYI PPS, Youku Tudou, iTunes,, AppleDaily, UDN, CTimes, and ETtoday.
In addition, nearly 100 successful life transformation stories of our business partners have been put on the campaign website, waiting for you to read and share. The stories’ providers that have been shared over 500 times will be rewarded with a bottle of NU SKIN ageLOC® True Face Essence Ultra. Let’s wish good luck to our business partners who are striving for realizing their “bigger life”.

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