NU SKIN “Life Transformation Starts with Change” Campaign (July 3, 2015)

NU SKIN “Life Transformation Starts with Change” Campaign, Full-scale Launch in Greater China Region on July 8, 2015, Commercial Film to Sweep across On-line Video Platforms, Courage and Determination for the Change to be Seen

July 3, 2015

NU SKIN “Life Transformation Starts with Change” campaign will be launched in an all-round manner on July 8, 2015 for consecutive two months. The commercial film of this campaign will be intensively played on various on-line video media, such as YouTube, Yahoo, iQIYI PPS, Youku Tudou, Funshion,, AppleDaily, UDN, CTimes, and ETtoday. From August, print ads for “Life Transformation Starts with Change” campaign will be continuously published on magazines such as Jessica and J man to allow more people to see that as long as one has the changing mindset to start to change, life can be transformed, and his/she can see a better himself/herself.

The elaborately established official website of this campaign contains 3 inspiring commercial films on change, nearly 100 life transformation stories from business partners, and practical tips for starting with change at any time. PC version and smartphone version of the website content are specially designed to facilitate sharing, reposting, and spreading the message anytime anyplace in order to serve as a platform for business partners to open their mouth and explore markets so as to help more people regain their dreams, passion, health and confidence at NU SKIN.

Many people give up their dreams because of the restriction of their lifestyle and body shape. They don’t have self-confidence and dare not to take their first step to change because their body shape is bigger and looks wider and thicker than others. However, think in the other way, with bigger shoulders, we can bear more determination; with bigger feet, we can cross over more obstacles; with bigger waistline, we can hold more aspiration; and size bigger arms, we can realize more promises. Through commercial films and a campaign website, NU SKIN has collected about 100 real-life success stories of its business partners, in order to convey the concept of “Life Transformation Starts with Change” and to encourage people to change their mindset and take actions immediately to start a change for themselves so as to fulfill their dreams and “live a bigger life”.


In the meantime, business partners can share these successful stories on the campaign website to convey the motive power of “Life Transformation Starts with Change” to more people and allow more people to see the courage and process of change in order to spread the influence of this campaign. The stories’ providers that have been shared over 500 times will win a bottle of NU SKIN ageLOC® True Face Essence Ultra.



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