DONG! DONG! DONG! 2015 NU SKIN Annual Star Convention Is Coming Back! (May 22, 2015)

2015 NU SKIN Annual Star Convention
Is Coming Back!

May 22, 2015

What is 2015 NU SKIN Star Convention?


Witness of the V Generation

The powerful launch of 2015 NU SKIN Star Convention will provide an all-round platform demonstrating the excellence of NU SKIN and blowing up the hot topic of V generation. Reach the peak of your business by creating stars. Ignite your speed and passion and let’s get started!




The Interactive V Game


Come together with your new friends hand in hand for there will be great prizes and gifts waiting for you. You will fall in love with NU SKIN by playing the interactive multi-media game. To gain more time, and play as much as you want! Gifts are limited!





V Catwalk Show

Featuring V body Experts. Their gorgeous change will be demonstrated in a beautiful and great catwalk show. Let’s watch  it closely and witness by it yourself . Are your fellows and you surprised? You will be the next 1+4!



Grasp the V Power

The highly-reputed and powerful speakers  will give the most influential sharing. That is going to be heart-touching and absolutely going to awaken your greatest longing for success!



Harvesting the V Life


Honorable recognition will stimulate your motives. The strength of role models will untie the freedom of heart. This is a dream stage where you can reach. You would also have a chance to accomplish your own V future and harvest a V life.


2015 NU SKIN Star Convention, Waiting for Your V Screaming!
Invite or Not?  You Must!