2015 Q2 NU SKIN Anti-aging EXPO (May 29, 2015)

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2015 Q2 NU SKIN Anti-aging EXPO
Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong Sessions End Successfully

May 29, 2015

NU SKIN Anti-aging EXPO - one of the most effective business opportunity platforms in NU SKIN history, were held on May 8 & 9, 2015 in the Greater China, including 7 cities in the Mainland China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu, Shenyang, Zhengzhou), Taiwan (Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung) and Hong Kong (Causeway Bay). All sessions are packed with business partners. Business partners came with great enthusiasm to have better knowledge and experience the difference demonstrated! We featured with the Vital Capacity Test, which allowed business partners   to understand their lung age, and 2016 Success Trip photo-taking backdrop in Hong Kong EXPO this time which created novelty to the great event and brought joy to all the participants. Moreover, the Mother’s Day promotion was also available in EXPO, pushing the enthusiastic atmosphere to a peak.

China            Business partners make good use of EXPO for business development

Miss Guo, an experienced business partner who is active in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, usually focus on doing morning classes and mini-salon in her own centre. As encouraged and guided by Executive partners, Miss Guo went to Shenyang’s EXPO with her team and one of her partner represented her team to take part in the Galvanic Spa demonstration. She was very active in EXPO this time and her whole team achieved their target this month which was great news to her team!
Ms Guo’s team is like a happy family in which she acts like a mother, leading her team to grow.

Taiwan        Catch the rhythm, achieve the dream!
Zi Shan believes the business opportunity provided by NU SKIN is sustainable, but he is not able to catch the rhythm of the NU SKIN's activities and therefore cannot grow his team well. When earlier this year, NU SKIN introduced "Shinning Star" activities, Zi Shan considered this as an opportunity to turn his team into a more stable and steady organization. Using February EXPO as a tool, Zi Shan succeeded to become a "Shinning Star". When reviewing previous EXPO results, Zi Shan understands that the preparation before EXPO is what it matters and that will allow him to recruit more new business partners and be able to qualify for the V party in August. With this tactic, Zi Shan was able to sign up 10 new business partners during April and hoped to advance them into executives by making use of EXPO in May. At the moment, 5 partners have already achieved the title of executive while Zi Shan has signed up 2 more new business partners!
Catch the rhythm of the NU SKIN, maximizing the use of EXPO, your dream is within reach.

Hong Kong        EXPO atmosphere strengthen the confidence of our Business Partners

Eric Leong, a Macau business partner who has joined NU SKIN for nearly 4 years, has great passion in joining EXPO. He came to Causewaybay to join EXPO from Macau in the early morning on Day 1 and he was excited to win the Special Prize “Seize your youth” in lucky draw which he grabbed the amount equivalent to 4 bottles of TRU FACE® Essence Ultra at once. He believes EXPO is a platform not only providing product trial and business opportunity, but also bringing us the positive power exclusively owned by NU SKIN


Thank you, Mum!

Galvanic Spa with ageLOC® Essential Oil demonstration is a great present for mum.

EXPO Stage attracted a lot of business partners.

Product information board were good for developing business

Congratulation to the winner of lucky draw!

Try to grab as many capsules of TRU FACE® Essence Ultra as you can!

EXPO venue packed!

The flash mob attracted a lot of people!
Hong Kong

Congratulation to the winner of lucky draw!

Try to grab as many capsules of TRU FACE® Essence Ultra as you can!

EXPO venue packed!

The extraordinary firming effect of ageLOC® TRU FACE® ESSENCE ULTRA