“Dare to Fail” Hits Tremendous Popularity among the Public. (March 27, 2015)

“Dare to Fail” Hits Tremendous Popularity among the Public.
A Good Book Inspires Your Dream in Your Life. You Must Own It!

March 27, 2015


Since its publication, “Dare to Fail”, first book written by Andrew Fan, Regional President of NU SKIN Greater China, has been acclaimed by the public. Andrew’s bold and adventurous life experience has aroused reflection and new thinking in many readers’ mind. Andrew hopes that his story will inspire and encourage his readers to walk out their own way.

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“Youthhood is made of the hustle and bustle – the first sentence popped out of my mind after I read the whole book. Although youth provides bargain chips and capital for making mistakes, growing memory and getting wise, we should not splurge life relying on our youthfulness. Instead, we should be bold to dream, take responsibility and be different, as well as be eager to learn, take adventures and gain experience, taking advantage of our finite youthfulness.“

“What modern young people lack today is an open mind and responsible behaviors. I totally agree with the concept of learning everything expressed by the author through this book: Do not set limitations on yourself or decide your goals or dreams too early, particularly do not allow others to make decisions for you. Life is not lived in vain, neither are things done. When connected, the dribs and drabs in life will become rich resources in our life.”

“This book tells and encourages me to take actions immediately if I want to become a more lively and resourceful person.”

“Among the words and lines, I could clearly feel the happiness of a senior when he joyfully accepted every trivial fragment of his own life. I hope I can be as happy as the author when I enter my forties or sixties. I want to write my own story with an open mind while I am still young.”
Above are the excerpts from the postscript. To read the whole article, please refer to “Dare to Fail”.

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