2015 Q1 NU SKIN EXPO Hong Kong Session Ends Successfully (March 6, 2015)

2015 Q1 NU SKIN EXPO Hong Kong Session Ends Successfully

March 6, 2015


On February 6 & 7, 2015, NU SKIN EXPO, one of the most effective business platforms in NU SKIN history, comes again. Hong Kong (Causeway Bay) session is all packed with people. Peoples came with great enthusiasm to get better knowledge and have deeper experience of the difference of NU SKIN! This time, V Stage was added to enable the participants to know how V Body experts manage their body shape and to witness the firming effect of ageLOC® TRU FACE® ESSENCE ULTRA. Moreover, the ageLOC® TR90® V Kit was launched in EXPO, pushing the enthusiastic atmosphere to a peak.

Hong Kong    
Fanny invited 10 friends from Macau to join EXPO, and half of them were new comers. The crowded environment in showcase didn’t deter their enthusiasm to join NU SKIN. Fanny and her partners took the opportunity to introduce the product display to the new comers while carrying suitcases filled with NU SKIN products. She brought them to the counter for registration and while they were queuing up, Fanny and her partners seized the opportunities to introduce the new comers the newly launched ageLOC® TR90®. One of the new comer was Fanny’s friend and she was an office lady. Not only she experienced the excellence of the products, she also became fully aware of the business opportunities in the anti-aging market due to the overwhelming atmosphere in showcase. She will make good use of ageLOC® TR90® in the coming days and turn herself into the best spokesperson as well as introducing to anyone in need of this product, so as to develop her own NU SKIN business.

Before joining NU SKIN, Xie Gang Ling was a primary school teacher. It has been one year since she fell in love with NU SKIN products and became a business partner. Although her up-line had always told her how good this business opportunity was, and she had often constantly witnessed other business partners go abroad and earning a decent income, she was unable to ease her insecurity to fully engage in the business. Right before the EXPO, Xie had a setback in her teaching career which led her to conceive the idea to quit. In finding a way out, the first thing that came to her mind was to resume her NU SKIN business. EXPO came at the right time. Before EXPO, she had developed and enlarged her market. In order to prove that she had made the right  decision, she was determined to be qualified for NU SKIN Success Trips. She made well use of the EXPO for advancement. She moved towards step by step towards her dream. She grasped every business platform, which was a useful tool for success.

Hong Kong

EXPO venue was packed!

Lucky draw area was filled with exciting atmosphere!

The non-stop queue in Experience Zone

The extraordinary firming effect of ageLOC® TRU FACE® ESSENCE ULTRA



People were hyper - hot in the lucky draw area!

Business partners were very excited to collect red packets.



Business partners were queuing up to place orders patiently.

Business partners are thrilled about winning lucky draw prizes.



NU SKIN success stories were shared in the Resetting Your Life Seminar. They made it! You will have the opportunity to make it too!

Business partners were very excited to collect “one dollar” red packets which symbolized a new beginning.