"Start Your V Life" Sharing from Winners (December 12, 2014)

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'Start Your V Life' Sharing from Winners
A Charm Man Strive For His Dream
(Yian, Xiong /Taiwan)

December 12, 2014

Yian, Xiong / - 2.06 kg in 17 days in total


The Six-pack Abs is Every Man’s Desire
When asked about the reason to participate in this campaign, Yian, Xiong replied spiritedly, “Because I have to witness the results with my partners!” Yian had desired a nice body figure before, but as he did not exercise consistently, he never obtained the figure that he wanted and his body fat ratio has always maintained at a high level. But with mutual encouragement and support from partners, Yian finally marched toward his dream.

Yian developed a regular exercise habit and daily routine in order to execute the plan, which has improved his diet and lifestyle. As time passed, the six-pack abs that every man desires finally started to appear on his body. The pursuit for a stronger body and better muscle lines have also become the joys in his life! Besides feeling happier than before about his condition and body shape, Yian has also influenced friends and family around him to care more about their health and establish a good lifestyle.

Tips for Reaching Target: No Slack-off  for 90 Days
Yian also shared his tips for reaching target: in addition to consumption of lean protein regularly and keeping a daily record of food intake and water intake diligently, he emphasized that you should never eat anything in the Red light food section. Establish your own exercise plan and exercise regularly, including weight training is also important. He also pointed out that setting a timeframe is crucial to reach targets. Otherwise, we will slack-off easily. But if you k set a 90-day timeframe, you will keep reminding yourself to follow the principles strictly within the timeframe, and achieving your goal effectively can be easier.


Follow strictly to the 3333+ Eating plan.


A new life starts from doing exercise.

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