2014 NU SKIN Academy Introduction of Keynote Speakers (December 10, 2014)

2014 NU SKIN Academy
Introduction of Keynote Speakers

December 10, 2014



2014 NU SKIN Academy, NU SKIN invited 5 outstanding leaders from overseas and Greater China region to the ‘5 Success Motives Workshop’ to share their inspiring and touching success stories on ‘Dream, Set Goals, Believe, Take Action and Lead’ with us. This is definitely a great chance to learn from our successful leaders.

At the same time, NU SKIN also invited 2 guests to the event – ‘Sun A Mei’ & ‘Dr. Ma Ka-Fai’ to share their stories of how they  pursue their dreams.

Change the temperature of the world’ - Sun A Mei

Sun A Mei: Young film director, who spent 900 days to direct the charity film ‘One day’ in China, which presented the stories of 9 exceptional children chasing their dreams.


Sun A Mei loves watching movie, specially children movies. Movie is always in her mind. In 2011, a charity foundation was formed by a movie company where she was working. The foundation helped setting up cinemas in school in poverty regions in China. And she was a projectionist at that time and most of time she set up the cinema and projected films in the schools in poverty regions or in the schools for exceptional children. During that time, she found the children there had a great desire on movie, and there was not much suitable movies for the children, and some people will even discriminate against these exceptional children. She hopes that she can use video to change the attitude of people to these exceptional children.


Dream is rich, but reality is reality. When I was preparing the movie ‘One Day’, I have never thought that, I used 900 days to produce this movie. People could not understand, why I have to produce this film. My boss even told me, ‘A Mei, you created a trap for yourself.’ But I did not think too much. After I raised RMB 600,000 dollars, I began to find the team. I used the most silly and simplest way to find a young director, I searched their profile and production on internet, when I was touched by their production, I contacted and discussed with them. During that 900 production days, “it was also the most annoying and lonely 900 days.” I even questioned that I have got depression. But in the end, I received a lot of affirmation, encouragement and help from many people. I think, whether or not people understand or even misunderstand, I must keep the fire in my heart. She hopes this film can help to change the view of people towards exceptional children, even it is just 1 day and it is worthwhile.


‘One Day’ is the first charity movie in China, which was formed by 9 touching and positive stories about dream chasing of exceptional children. 12 famous movie stars and 9 film directors worked as volunteer to support this production. The movie lasts for 90 minutes and took 900 days to complete. We wish that we can draw public attention and support through this movie,, and make more people pay attention to the exceptional children around them and help them, and give a hand to the society!


Acclaimed author in Greater China - Dr. Ma Ka-Fai

Born and raised in Wanchai, Hong Kong, Dr. Ma Ka-Fai is a celebrated writer and cultural commentator with extensive experience writing for various publications including newspaper and magazines. He is a renowned author in the Greater China region and has published several widely-read books of essays.

Dr. Ma Ka-Fai and Andrew Fan, who were born in Hong Kong, and both had a free and excited experience in their youth. What will happen when they meet together? Let’s find out at “When Ka Fai meets Ka Fai” on Day 2 of 2014 NU SKIN Academy.

Dare to think! Dare to do! Dare to go! Dare to make mistake! Regional President of NU SKIN Greater China – Andrew Fan’s First Book – “Bold to Make Mistakes”, will be first available to NU SKIN business partners at 2014 NU SKIN Academy for charity sale! All NU SKIN business partners enjoy a privileged price for encouragement. All charity income of the book will be donated to Greater China NU SKIN Force for Good Foundation. We invite you to follow Andrew’s steps and boldly explore the full potential in your life.

After reading this book, you will know Andrew Fan. This is such an energetic book by an energetic person. If you miss this book, it is your mistake, not others. – quoted by Ma Ka-Fai