"Start Your V Life" Start Your V Life" Sharing from Winners (December 5, 2014)

"Start Your V Life" Sharing from Winners
Fit into Size S! Slimmer Figure Than Before Marriage
(Yi-Ting Weng /China)

December 5, 2014

Yi-Ting Weng/ - 2.9 kg in 35 days in total


From Size XL to Size M
Yi-Ting Weng fit only into women's wear in size XL or men's wear in size M/L, but she always missed her elegant figure before getting married and she also wanted to look younger and more beautiful without having to wear over-sized outfits for obese people. Therefore, she insisted on participating in   ‘Start Your V-Life’ campaign. Yi-Ting said: “I loved eating and I loved making delicious food, so I was always fat, my physical condition also had some problems. But I found my lifestyle changed totally during the campaign, I felt gradually healthier!” With continuing efforts day by day, Yi-Ting now can wear her outfits she had before getting married, she fits into women's outfit in size M now and she feels slim and graceful. Yi-Ting said: “I will keep on working hard and I want to fit into size S!”

Winning Tips: Be Persistent, Be Untiring
After determining to participate into Transform Your V-Life campaign, as a Virgo, Yi-Ting said: “As long as I want to achieve my goal, I will definitely do it!” Thus she took quality protein daily, insisted on 3333+ eating plan and cooking with less oil and salt and kept on a regular routine. She also called her partners daily or shared the food they eat on WeChat in order to supervise each other and remind each other to avoid the red light food. Yi-Ting, who weighted originally 70 kg , was too lazy to have exercise  before, she indicated: “I became breathless when climbing only three to four floors, but now, climbing five or six floors is just a piece of cake.” In order to increase muscle ratio, she puts a simple exercise bicycle at home and rides two to three times daily to move her body. She shared with us that she actually also felt frustrated at first, but she believed that as long as you work hard and be persistent, the good results will come eventually.