"Start Your V Life" Tips for Rapid Compliance: Diet (November 14, 2014)

"Start Your V Life" Winning Secrets: Diet
Here Comes Winter! Healthy Winter Tonic Does Not Makes You Fat

November 14, 2014


Freezing winter is coming, Many people have started the "winter nourishing tonic" already to keep warm. Some choose to cook Ginseng & Tang-Kuei Ten Combination Soup or Ginseng chicken soup at home to warm up their bodies, while others choose to enjoy "Hotpots", Lamb and Tofu Skin in Casserole or Beef Stew when eating out with friends. However, you might be ingesting excessive fat when eating all these cuisine to stock energy for winter.

【 Over - weighted Causing Ingredients in Winter Tonic】
1.    Oil: The main ingredients of winter tonics consist of high cholesterol, high purine meats and offal which are rich in saturated fatty acid, they can not only cause obesity from accumulated fat, but also have high chances to deteriorate the physical states of patients with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke, or high blood cholesterol.
2.    Alcohol: Some winter tonic food contains alcohol to increase the effect of generating warmth in our bodies. But since 1 gram of alcohol contains about 7 calories, it is definitely a major killer for your nice body figure.
3.    Salt: Many people add processed food such as MSG soup while enjoying "Hotpots", Lamb and Tofu Skin in Casserole or Beef Stew, or even using all kinds of sauces which contain high sodium causing imbalance of water within our bodies and water retention problems.

【Correct Winter Tonic Does Not Make Us Fat】
1.    Choose ingredients carefully: control calorie intake, avoid eating high-oil food, such as beef, lamb, pork,  haslet and sesame oil. Choose ingredients with lower calorie, including chicken, fish, and vegetable.
2.    Balanced diet: when having winter tonics as your regular meals, be sure to control the amount and frequency, supplement with fresh vegetables and fruits to increase the intakes of vitamins, mineral and fiber.
3.    Keep a regular routine, exercise more. A good life routine and moderate exercise is the essential to regimen and winter tonics.