"Start Your V Life" Winning Secrets (November 28, 2014)

"Start Your V Life" Winning Secret
Reveal the Myth of Number
Losing Fat is More Important than Losing Weight

November 28, 2014


When you are doing your weight management, are you frustrated by the unchanging number on the scale even after a period of diet control and regular exercises? If you are, please stop keeping your eyes only on the number on the scale! Have you noticed that even the body weight has not changed, but your outfits are becoming looser? Even your colleagues and friends are wondering if you have lost weight? The truth is that taking our products along with exercises and correct eating plan, the muscle ratio in your body has increased. Although your body weight has not changed, you no longer have baggy skin and your body line has become firmer, your figure looks nicer now.


【Conventional Diet = Body Fat ↓ + Muscle ↓】
Many people consider eating less is being on a diet, which usually results in the decrease of weight, but no changes on body figure. With diet only, you might lose only a small portion of fat and what you really get rid of are mainly muscles and water. Once you return to normal eating after a period of strict diet, your body will finally have the chance to convert these calories into fat. In addition, once the muscles are lost, due to the fact that muscle consumes more calories than fat, it will be even more difficult for your body to implement weight management. For example: two people with the same body weight, one has higher muscle ratio, while the other has higher fat ratio. When the two people implement the weight management at the same time, the one with higher muscle ratio can burn more calories, thus can achieve the target sooner.

【Healthy Diet=Fat ↓+Muscle ↑】
To take appropriate nutritional supplements, along with daily ingestion of enough quality protein, healthy eating habit and regular exercise, in order to decrease the fat. Although the weight might not change a lot, it can really help you to lose weight while gain healthy and beauty, which is also easy to keep. Because the increase of muscle ratio can help the increase of metabolism, to keep a good routine of daily exercise can help you burn more calories every day, which is the ultimate target for a healthy life!

When you are doing weight management, losing 0.7 kg to 1 kg per week will be ideal. What your body loses may not be fat if your weight decreases too rapidly. Therefore, do not blindly believe that losing weight fast is a good sign. It will only increase burden to your body, which is also harmful to your health. Counting only on diet to lose weight is neither not a choice. To keep the effect of losing fat can only be achieved through diet and exercises.