"Start Your V Life" Start Your V Life" Sharing from Winners (November 28, 2014)

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"Start Your V Life" Sharing from Winners
Become the Ideal “Self” in My Dream!
(WeiCheng, Yang/Taiwan)

November 28, 2014

WeiCheng, Yang / 34 Days, - 3.7 kg of body fat in total


I Have the Most Impressive Story

WeiCheng, Yang, 26 year-old, was previously very difficult to gain weight. But as he grew older with his irregular life routine and unbalanced eating habit, WeiCheng started to bloat and he even found his physical age had reached over the age of 30, which was 10 years more than his actual age. He then determined to get his real physical age back and so began his health management plan!

After some time, WeiCheng started to see the effect, he said: "The results have given me incomparable self-confidence. My physical figure is becoming firmer, I feel more energetic and I look better in slim-fit outfits. I found my vitality in my student time back. I have become a better and more confident man!" What was the most important for him was that through this weight management plan, he wanted to create a story of his own. WeiCheng thought: "Your own story is the most convincing one. I want to encourage my partners with my own story and motivate them to restart their brilliant new lives!"

Winning Secret: Do Not Starve!

WeiCheng shared with his partners that after joining this plan, he became more aware of establishing a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet, the choices of the right food and regular exercises. In addition, instead of fast and rapid results, Transform Your Life weight management plan focuses on the establishment of a healthy lifestyle through eating plan, exercises, supplement of adequate protein to maintain long-term and effective physical figure. Excessive dieting may hinder the physical metabolism and result in poor vitality due to nutritional deficiencies. It is not a good health management method. Therefore, WeiCheng would like to share his most crucial secret to win: "Be sure to uphold one principle during the management period: never ever starve yourself!"


Keep exercising. Creating your own story is not a dream!


Your own story is the most convincing, hoping to motivate partners.

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