"Start Your V Life" Start Your V Life" Sharing from Winners (November 21, 2014)

"Start Your V Life" Sharing from Winners
Develop a Healthy Lifestyle
Be a Happy Family! (Juan, Tang/China)

November 21, 2014

Juan Tang/43 days, - 2.85kg in total


Being Healthy is the Best Gift for Parents
When the news of Start Your V Life event was released, Juan Tang was very excited about it. She decided not only to participate herself, but as a respectful daughter, she also invited her parents to take part with her and they altogether determined to be healthier. The event has urged the Tang family to pursue for a healthier lifestyle and they have become more energetic gradually!

At first, neither of her parents was serious about it and they even dampened Juan's enthusiasm to the event. But once enrolled, the whole family took it as a mean business. At their first follow-up measurement, Juan lost 0.5 kg of body fat, her mother 1.8 kg of body fat and her father 1 kg of body fat, it was hard for them to believe that they have achieved such nice results. The initial result had given them the confidence to continue.

Winning Secrets: March Toward a Healthy Lifestyle From Your Heart

During the process, Juan also took the parents with her to V day activities with her team and learned about correct concepts of Restart Your V Life through partners' presentation and sharing. Her mother came home after the event and said to them that she is going to cook with less salt and oil from now on, then took her recipes cheerfully to prepare meal for the three of them carefully. The father started also to push them to exercise every day and drag them out to run around the community for a few rounds every night at a fixed time. Her parents became more aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, thus executed it more willingly!

After 43 days, both Juan and her mother both lost 2.85kg of body fat successfully and achieved their goals, but her father had a little bit more to go. Juan shared with her partners that actually, her father did have enough exercise every day, but he just could not change his eating habit. When her father found that he was the only one who failed to achieve the goal, he determined secretly to put more effort into it. He strictly enforced the 3333+ principle and even invited Juan and his wife to climb the stairs of 28 floors up and down twice. Like this, he went back for the follow-up measurement five days later and found that he had lost 3.25kg of body fat which even exceeded Juan and her mother's results. The three of them went happily to the company and receive their awards.

Juan said, "We were not aiming for the awards. I really miss the past 50 days when my whole family was marching towards the same direction together. Now that my parents cannot take one day without some exercises, they eat more carefully now and have become healthier. Healthy body and happy family are the best gifts for the whole family!"


Strictly follow the 3333+ eating principle every day.


Exercise has become part of my life.