2014 Q4 NU SKIN EXPO Hong Kong Session Ends Successfully (November 21, 2014)

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2014 Q4 NU SKIN EXPO Hong Kong Session Ends Successfully

November 21, 2014

From November 7 & November 8, 2014, NU SKIN EXPO, one of the most effective product launch platforms in NU SKIN history, comes again. Hong Kong (Causeway Bay) session is all packed with people. Peoples came with great enthusiasm to get better knowledge and have deeper experience of the difference of NU SKIN! This time, it continues to have V-shape face experience booth which enables the participants to witness the extraordinary effect of ageLOCTM Tru FaceTM Essence Ultra. Moreover, the 30th anniversary promotion for November will also be launched in EXPO, pushing the enthusiastic atmosphere to a peak.
China    Be the Spokesman and Witness the Change
This EXPO has attracted a lot of people to participate as they witnessed the change of our loyal customers. Lots of business partners stayed at the EXPO from beginning to the end. Haiyan is one of them. She often took some new customers to EXPO and provided explanation and guidance to them. What’s more, she always wore a smile on her face, bringing happiness to everyone she met. Haiyan said she knew NU SKIN for about two years. She always believes in the excellent quality of NU SKIN products, and has been using NU SKIN’s skin care products and supplements for a long time. She feels that her health condition became better, and her skin also looks better than before. Because looking younger than her actual age, sometimes she was even asked to show the ID card when using old-person card on bus. She showed her picture taken two years ago. It clearly demonstrates the big change of a 63-year old lady. She looks more energetic than before. Haiyan appreciated that NU SKIN brought a great change to her, and she likes NU SKIN, the products and the business. She would like to share more with other people.      
Taiwan    Make Good Use of EXPO to Develop Your Business
Junyuan Zhang always got more than 50 lucky draw chances in EXPO. This time, Junyuan even got 85 lucky draw chances during  November 7 & November 8 and he was  called as a ” EXPO star”. He shared his experience with us and said, ”developing business is not the action of these two days of EXPO, but the accumulation of hard work every day.” As a business partner of NU SKIN, sales, sponsorship and service are three important factors to him. Through his follow-up action, he was able to persuade people to become new customers. When they got to know more about the business opportunity of NU SKIN , they could become business partners. Moreover, they could become LOI and further develop their business through EXPO. Making good use of EXPO to develop business and attract more business partners to join NU SKIN is the key to succeed. But it largely depended on the daily action of selling, sponsoring, service and most importantly a great amount of action. As an old saying, “The insider knows the ropes, while the outsider just comes along for the ride.” You have to understand the excellence of NU SKIN, so you could be able to demonstrate the difference of NU SKIN to others and hence inviting more people to join, the next EXPO star would be you.  
Hong Kong   Be Persistent and Success will Find You
Anita has been a loyal user of NU SKIN products for four years. It is until she witnessed her husband’s extraordinary results from using TR90 she decided to develop her NU SKIN business. Since then she has been introducing her friends to experience the excellence of NU SKIN supplements and skin care products. With such a great effort, she became a Ruby Executive. In this EXPO, Anita brought some new friends to experience NU SKIN’s products. She made good use of NU SKIN 30th Anniversary Special Offers and EXPO promotion to explore more business opportunities and also introduce this huge business opportunities to new friends. In additions, the enthusiastic atmosphere in EXPO has also increased their confidence in NU SKIN. That’s why Anita was able to fulfill the 1+4 LOI requirement in just one day in EXPO.


The participant concentrated on the introduction of product at the V face booth. The lucky draw booths were full of people.
People packed in the Health Test area! The Q & A section in hot at guest speaker sharing section.


The mini-stage was croweded and popular. EXPO is the good platform for your business development.
Business partners won many gifts at lucky draw! Business partner focused on the sharing of our guest speaker.

Hong Kong

The participant got invited to experience the extraordinary firming effect of ageLOCTM Tru FaceTM Essence Ultra. The lucky draw booths were full of people.
Business partners had to quene and wait to enter showcase, it is spectacular! Participants concentrated on the sharing of our guest speaker.