"Start Your V Life" Sharing from Winners (November 7, 2014)

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“Start Your V Life" Sharing from Winners
Love Yourself in a Healthy Way
Reduce the Size Without Affecting Your Beauty
(Defan Liu/Taiwan)

November 7, 2014

Defan Liu / 19 Days, - 3.58 kg of body fat in total


Breaking the Myth: Eat Normally can Lose Weight as well?
Defan Liu knew nothing about how body fat can influence and damage our health before participating in “Start Your V Life”. Since she just gave birth to her baby and her husband has professional background in food nutrition, they have found that this event is about a body management plan which emphasizes on balanced diet thus can restart a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, they decided to join together.

Repeating the Basic Steps Makes You the Achiever!
Liu indicated that eating less is a wrong concept that not only can it damage your healthy, but it can also decrease your metabolism. She concluded after having personal experience with her partners, "Start Your V Life provides an eating plan which helps improve your metabolism in 90 days. Being an achiever requires nothing special, simply follow the 3333+ diet principle, and ingest quality protein, vegetables and fruits, cut back on salt and oil and with moderate exercise everyday. These are the keys to achieve!" she said.

And during the process, Liu's figure changed gradually. Her partners also had very inspiring results. She noted happily,"What's more crucial was to make the importance of body management known to more people through a contest like this and obtain healthier lives together. It was really awesome!" she said.


Obtaining healthier lives together with partners was really awesome!


Joining "Start Your V Life" allows me to restart a healthy lifestyle.

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