"Start Your V Life" Winning Secrets: Exercises (October 31, 2014)

"Start Your V Life" Winning Secrets: Exercises
"Planking" Gives You the Apollo's Belt and Firm Abs!

October 31, 2014



"Planking" is an exercise which can flatten the lower abs and strengthen abdominal muscles. It is a simple pose which does not require going to the gym or using any equipment. All you need is only a few minutes of persistence every day. An apollo's belt or firm abs will not be a dream anymore if you really keep on the hard work!

Training Method for "Plank",
With prone position, support your body with only your elbows and place your both legs together. Step firmly on the floor with both feet. Open feet shoulder-width apart and bend your toes to raise your whole body from the floor. Form a straight line with your head, shoulders, hips and legs. Feel your abdomen tightened. Look at the floor and keep breathing.

Training Method:
Stay 30 seconds for each set
5 sets each for each session
Pause for no longer than 20 seconds between sets
Increase the duration or sets when you get a hand of it


1.    Hips should not go higher than shoulders
2.    Step firmly on the floor with both feet, open feet shoulder width apart
3.    Elbows should not go beyond shoulders
4.    Keep the body straight