"Start Your V Life" Sharing from Winners (Octobere 31, 2014)

"Start Your V Life" Sharing from Winners - Presistence Leads to Success!
My Body Figure Looks Better Than When I was Younger (ShouXuan, Gu/China)

October 31, 2014


ShouXuan, Gu/-4.2 kg body fat in total successfully 


As Long As You Wish, It’s not Difficult to Change
Friends of ShouXuan like to call him "Mark". His friends said:  "Among the people I know, Mark is the most impossible person to maintain a healthy body figure! It’s because he just loves eating, and he really can eat much." Mark has many friends due to his cheerful character and he loves good food. He always dines with his friends when having leisure time. Everyone can tell how much he can eat when looking at his body figure. He didn’t do any exercises after leaving university. A few years later, the fat accumulated is quite a lot! There are many people act like Mark. Do they still have the chance to change?

Mark shared with us joyfully that due to the "Start Your V Life" activity, he finally had the chance to stop and think twice about his current lifestyle. His primary reason of participating in this activity was that:  "I want to be better. As a leader of the team, I want to lead by setting an example and be the role model for my business partners. I want everybody to lead the V-Life together." With this belief, Mark was very satisfied with his result, which gave him a better body figure!

Tips for Success: Start a Whole New Lifestyle
Mark shared his successful tips. He also started doubtfully at first and did not follow strictly the 3333+ principle. The exercise part was also in fits and starts. Thus he found the result was not satisfying at all. Mark realized that if he really wanted to change something, he had to start from the basic things in daily life and have a whole new lifestyle, with each meal  in the day and daily routines. “Quality Protein + Balanced Diet + Regular exercise”. None of these  are dispensable for his brand-new and healthy body figure. He shared proudly to his business partners:  "I look so much better now and I feel my body is younger and more energetic, even better then when I was in the university!"


A New Life Starts from Doing Exercise


Follow the 3333+ Eating Plan Strictly