"Start Your V-Life" Goal Achievers Results Sharing (October 17, 2014)

"Start Your V-Life" Goal Achievers Results Sharing
Being Lean is Not a Dream
Tips to Become a Muscular Man with 6-Pack Abs! (Weidong An/China)
Weidong An/ 52 Days, lost 3.15 kg of body fat in total

October 17, 2014



You cannot change the inherited body figure, can you? Yes, you CAN!
Weidong's inherited his body figure from his family. He has given up on his chunky body for a long time. Weidong wanted to be described as "thin" since he was a little boy, but it was a distant dream. However, after he had participated in the "Transform in 90 Challenge" event, his figure started to have some improvement. His weight has dropped from 85 kg to 72 kg. His body fat reduced from 26% to 19.5% and the visceral fat was down to 9. His physical age even reduced from 49-year-old to 39-year-old. To Weidong's delight, now there are even people describe him as "slim" and "sturdy". Weidong said, "Noting that my body has become more and more energetic day after day, I feel that I am more charming. I am really happy about that!"


With the strength of a team, 6-pack abs is not a dream
When talking about the tips for achieving goals, Weidong indicated that during the process, he had learned from the successful experiences of other business partners. In addition to the combination of eating plan and doing exercises, his team had even established an exercise class to motivate everybody! Through mutual encouragement and group exercises, not only had he got better results, but the solidarity of the team had also been strengthened. Until now, the body-fat reduction accomplishment rate of the exercise class exceeded 70%. We believe that an accomplishment rate of 100% is just around the corner," Weidong said. "My dream of having 6-pack abs is also almost there. I believe that I shall be able to show people my 6-pack abs in a few days!" he said confidently.


I believe that I will be able to show people my 6-pack abs in a few days. Comply with the 3333+ balanced diet and nutrition.