"Start Your V-Life" V Seminar (October 17, 2014)

"Start Your V-Life" V Seminar
Sleeping Position for Anti-aging and Anti-wrinkles

October 17, 2014



"Keep a normal daily routine. Good skin metabolism can enhance the efficacy of quality skincare products." If you stay up late and are tired often, we suggest that you should choose skincare products with better absorbency to improve the efficacy of beautifying your skin. Chinese medicine practitioners also often suggest going to bed before 11 p.m.and waking up around 7 a.m. , allowing a period of eight hours for the skincare products to be absorbed so that you can wake up with radiant skin.


Prime Sleeping Position Helps Prevent Wrinkle Formation
When compared with sleeping on our sides, lying flat on the back is more beneficial to our beauty. When lying on our sides, our chins might press the necks and form lines, in the long run, it is easy to cause permanent wrinkles when the skin's ability to recover reduces. In addition, lying flat on the back can also help fight against the influence of gravity during the day. According to a study of 38 Japanese women, gravity will cause the skin to drop, therefore, wrinkles appear more in the afternoon than in the morning. It is a good time to reduce the deterioration during our sleep.
(An extract of Common Health Magazine Issue 092, Author: Zhijun, Zhu)