2014 Third Quarter ageLOC™ Anti-aging Forums End with Great Success! (September 26, 2014)

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2014 Third Quarter ageLOC Anti-aging Forums End with Great Success!

September 26, 2014


The 2014 Third Quarter ageLOCTM Anti-aging Forums were successfully held in Xi’an, Beijing, Foshan, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Lanzhou, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, Zhengzhou, Taipei, Kaohsiung and Hong Kong. Business partners participated in these forums and learnt relevant information about anti-aging and its unlimited potential business opportunities!


In order to understand your needs better, please click here (Chinese Only ) to fill in a simple questionnaire. Your valuable advice is very important in helping us to further enhance our next forum! Speeches delivered in the forums are available on the Forum website. You are welcome to click here to visit their wonderful contents.


Ren Yiping, Scientist, Global Research and Development, introduced the outstanding ageLOC TM technology to make business partners have a better understanding to the anti-aging technology.

Dale Kern, Senior Scientist, NU SKIN Global Research and Development, explained the ageLOC TM technology in an easy-to-understand way with its strong capability in the field of anti-aging.

Hong Kong: Gemina shared her changes and happiness that NU SKIN brings to her. She expects more people and more families can improve their quality of lives through NU SKIN.

Kaohsiung, Taipei: Tu Hongyi shared his experiences of developing the business with his partners, creating success in their lives and more smiles.

Xi’an: Yuhong shared how she found the direction and strength in her heart and her sharing encouraged many audiences.

Beijing: Xudong shared how to set a good example of promoting the NU SKIN force for good and encouraged partners to create more smiles.

Foshan: Wan Changzhong shared the changes of him and his family after joining NU SKIN. He wishes to help more people to seize NU SKIN business opportunities and improve the quality of lives of more people.

Chengdu: Wu Maochao shared how he dedicated to NU SKIN and has excellent achievements. His excellent sharing encouraged many partners.


Hangzhou: Wei Ruiling shared how she followed the company’s steps to do NU SKIN business. In future, she wants to create more smiles and bring happiness and health to more people and families.

Hangzhou: Mao Chunhua believes that one must be a good man before become a successful man. With her persistent efforts in promoting NU SKIN force for good, her sharing encouraged many partners.

Lanzhou: Fang Wenjun shared how NU SKIN gave him a brand new lifestyle and made his life more meaningful. He looks forward to to help more people to live happily in the future.

Shijiazhuang: Tang Zhuo shared the experience of expanding the NU SKIN business in the market and his sharing encouraged many partners.

Taiyuan: Guo Peihua shared how she came to know NU SKIN and through her efforts to realize a qualitative leap in her life. She thinks the only thing which made her feel more fulfilling than making her own dreams come true is to have the ability to help others to have dreams come true!

Zhengzhou: Helei shared how he helped his partners to achieve the extraordinary lives in NU SKIN. He hopes to spend the rest of his life with NU SKIN to help more people.

The winners of “Start Your V-Life” were recognized for their succeed.


Business Partners participated actively in the event and set an example while lining up to enter the venue.

Business Partners responded actively and the atmosphere was hot.

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