[Bloggers’ trial – Part III] On the road of TR90

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[Bloggers’ trial – Part III]
On the road of TR90

Mayl 12, 2017

[Bloggers’ trial – Part III] On the road of TR90

Here comes to round 3, with more different kinds of bloggers sharing their experiences of trying TR90. The first one is Sadelle Yeung, a professional model and popular influencer, who had participated in several print and TV advertising before. As a model, she always needs to do regular exercises in order to build muscles, burn fat, and maintain her body shape. After kicking-off the ‘3333+ eating plan’, she discovers she could even achieve more if she eats smarter, together with workout routines.


Many people may notice the slowdown of metabolism rate after 25 years old. The beauty blogger, Erica, witnesses the change of her body shape even under diet. Other than metabolism rate, many postnatal women face difficulties when rebuilding their body shape, and even lose confidence. Beauty blogger, Nic Nic, is one of them. To regain the charm and achieve the weight management goal, she starts TR90 with Erica.


Another beauty blogger, Venus, hopes to have a balanced body shape, but has failed for many times. Recently, she understands that having a healthy lifestyle for weight management is the key to success.


In part I, we have introduced Yuet Yuet, a beauty blogger who has already tried TR90 for a month. Let’s check out her blog below as well.


Sadelle Yeung






Nic Nic Cheung






Yuet Yuet



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