[Bloggers’ trial – Part II] How Do Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer love the 3333+?

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[Bloggers’ trial – Part II] 'How Do Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer love the '3333+ eating plan'?

April 21, 2017

Some more Hong Kong professionals and bloggers take part in ageLOC®TR90® Weight Management System lately including Annie Lee, a well-known nutritionist and Alex Chong, fitness trainer. Annie had been an experienced nutritionist for years, who specializes in weight management. She is also a columnist for nutrition related columns and occasionally organizes health talks. She thinks that merely diet is not a long term and effective way to reduce weights or reshape your body. She suggests having a balanced diet such as ‘3333+ eating plan’, pairing up with regular aerobic and anaerobic exercises, so as to improve metabolism rate and reduce body fat as a result. Alex Chong, full time fitness trainer, has tried ‘3333+ eating plan’ together with a list of exercises he specially designed for himself in order to train up his muscle, reduce body fat as well as improving ratio of fat and muscle. Last but not least, beauty blogger Jovi has never had a healthy eating habit and regular exercise. She hopes to build up a brand new lifestyle, tackle her health problems and improve body shape via this program. 


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