22nd Mar, 2017 New Product Launch

March 22, 2017 New Product Launch

March 17, 2017

Dear Distributors,


NU SKIN devoted to innovation of product development with the intention of caring your needs. The official launch date of below products will be 22nd March 2017.

Series Define Your Self Care Needs - Specialized Needs
Product Name Cartilage Formula

Product Details

· Cartilage Formula is manufactured through a unique fermentation derived from a vegetable source. Glucosamine is a building blocks for the protective cartilage in our joints*

· Contains antioxidant vitamins C and E, and quercetin for added joint and cartilage support*

· Can be consumed by vegetarians and people with shellfish allergies
*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

Product Code 04003231


ARO (6 months)︰HK$435

ARO (18 months) : HK$360



ARO (6 months)︰50.20

ARO (18 months) : 34.60

Series Hair Care Series
Product Name TS Scalp
Product Details

TS Scalp contains Isodonis Japonicus Leaf /Stalk Extract, helps:

· Speed up hair growth rate to approximate 10 times#

· Prevent excessive sebum from blocking hair follicles

· Promote blood circulation

· Prevent hair loss and hair strengthening

· Moisturizing and anti-microbial effect

#Source: TS Scalp internal document from Japan Nu Skin University Site

Product Code 04136350






Following product introduction leaflets will be launched in 22nd March 2017 also, let you understand further about the product features!

Product Name TS Scalp Brochure (10 pcs) (Eng) *
Product Code 86993883
Price Wholesale︰HK$ 30
E-version Path Press Here

* SpaDevice is not launched in Taiwan market and this information is not applicable to Taiwan market.

Product Name Joints Health Leaflet (10 pcs) (Bilingual)
Product Code 86043886
Price Wholesale︰HK$ 35
E-version Path Press Here