Notice of Change in Product Packaging (Septmebr 30, 2016)

Notice of Change in Product Packaging

September 23, 2016

Dear Distributors,

With the rebranding of the product image of NU SKIN globally, Marine Omega will be greeting you with their brand new looks from the end of September 2016. NU SKIN commits to the 6S Quality Process. To enhance the stability of Marine Omega, the capsule has changed to a deeper color with a minor flavor adjustment, thus the flavor will be slightly different. However, the formula, function does not change. We reassure the safety of the product. Thank you for your support to NU SKIN.

Products Existing Packaging New Packaging
Marine Omega
Soft Gel

*Please do not hesitate to contact NU SKIN hotline (852) 2837 7700, if you have any queries.