No Makeup Pretty Mama (September 30, 2016)

“Me time” Moment -
No Makeup Pretty Mama

September 30, 2016

Having been a loyal fan of NU SKIN for 3 years, I am very happy with my skin improvement. Nevertheless, beauty is a life-long pursuit, I always dream that I can be a makeup free angel without Meitu modification!

It is a dream for girls to have natural skin that looks great even without any makeup. Although my skin is pretty good, spots are the biggest skin problem that annoyed me since my childhood. I did not understand the proper skin care at the time and never used sunblock. Even worse, I wore heavy makeup for long periods of time. Therefore, my spots increased and darkened. Also, the pores on my nose enlarged and my skin tone became dull. While I struggled with spots so long, until I met ageLOC me®.

“Me Time” Secret
ageLOC me® is really effective. Just two and a half months I have used it daily and combined with  ageLOC® Galvanic spa* treatment, my skin has dramatically improved. Those annoying spots reduced and faded, and the pores became finer. I finally say goodbye to my strawberry nose. Now my skin looks transparent white; feels smooth, moist and fine. I am getting closer to the ideal skin. As my skin condition improves, I am now confident of my looks and in good mood. I now have more quality time with my family. With ageLOC me®, I believe that I can become the most beautiful makeup free mother and wife!

*Spa device is not launched in Taiwan market

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