ageLOC® Eye Cream - Surprise! My Young and Energized Eyes Return (Aug 19, 2016)

Surprise! My Young and Energized Eyes return

August 19, 2016

As my child grew up and graduated from university, I found my skin condition is not as good as before. The deep wrinkle around my eyes annoyed me the most and discouraged me from staying close to others. Because of the slow metabolism, aging signs like eye bag and black circle started to appear. Years of wearing contact lens also made the skin around eyes loosen day by day. Together with sagging skin around my big eyes, I always gave people the impression of Garfield who looks sleepy all the time.
Only three weeks, energize your eyes more than ever
I didn’t think too much while trying out ageLOC® Eye Cream but followed the instructions carefully and put a little more as eye mask at night. After a week, eye puffiness was improved. After three weeks, wrinkles under eyes were reduced. The best thing is that my eyes look even bigger, like “Puss in Boots”, who has lovely, adorable and energized eyes. It’s easy to have fine lines around eyes in dry weather; however, ageLOC® Eye Cream helps retain moisture and reduces fine lines on the skin around the eyes efficiently. My eyes now become vivid again, making me look younger for my age.

Do you want to get rid of Garfield eyes and embrace the eyes of Puss in Boots? ageLOC® Eye Cream is your best choice!

* ageLOC®  Eye Cream will be launched soon, please stay tuned.


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