The ageLOC® Technology, far beyond Your Imagination (July 29, 2016)

The ageLOC® Technology,
far beyond Your Imagination

July 29, 2016

Ignite the Light of Your Eyes with A swirl of moisturized cool - ageLOC®  Eye Cream

ageLOC® eye cream is the first eye cream that is developed based on the highly innovative gene expression science in NU SKIN history .
Clinical proven that the eye cream’s formula is able to improve skin barrier and structure, as well as better gene expression.

1. Reduce wrinkles
2. Lessen puffiness
3. Improve Firmness
4. Improve brightness
5. Improve Hydration  

Special designed icy porcelain massage ball
Gently massage the skin around your eyes while applying eye cream. Cool,calm, and revitalize the skin around your eyes. Help restore youth, firmness radiance.  
Rhodiola root
Slow down skin sagging and improve brightness

Ingredient story
The anti-aging fighter in the worst environment
It has extremely strong survival ability and adaptation deriving from the adverse living environment on the plateau area of limited oxygen, cold and dry, sunny and windy weather and huge temperature gap between day and night.   

Schisandra fruit
Improve skin firmness and elasticity

Summer snowflake
Restrain the generation of melanin and whiten skin   

Sea daffodils
Reduce discoloration

Beer yeast
Reduce puffiness , keep skin moisturized and soft.


ageLOC® Eye Cream will be launched soon, please stay tuned.


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