Upgrade of Biophotonic Scanner and Rules of S3 Scoring Contest (July 29, 2016)

Upgrade of Biophotonic Scanner and Rules of S3 Scoring Contest

July 29, 2016

Many people can’t take enough nutrition they needed from daily diet, and thus choose nutritional supplements to help fill the nutritional gaps. However, the choice of supplements can be overwhelming. How do you know if you even need to supplement? And if you do, how can you tell that the supplements you are taking actually work? The answer is the PHARMANEX® Biophotonic Scanner.


From August 15, 2016, Causeway Bay Nu Skin Plaza, Mongkok and Macau Distribution Centres will launch the PHARMANEX® Biophotonic S3 Scanner to upgrade your Biophotonic Scanner experience. The PHARMANEX® Biophotonic Scanner can provide you with a painless, non-invasive, fast and convenient way to determine your antioxidant status. In less than one minute you can find out if your diet, lifestyle and supplements provide the antioxidant protection you need for promoting health.


The Limitless Future

Faster - 30 Seconds Scan


More Portable

Extended Battery Life

Wireless Connectivity

After installing the S3 Scanner App, the iPad Mini is used to run the Scanner wirelessly

Except physical Scan Cards, you can buy and use Digital Scan Credits


How to use S3 Scanner?
You can bring valid S2 or S3 Scan Card to Causeway Bay Nu Skin Plaza, Mongkok and Macau Distribution Centres, or purchase Digital Scan Credit on the S3 Scanner App (installed on the iPad mini) to start scan.


S3 Scoring Contest
Event Period: August 12 to November 29, 2016
Venue: Causeway Bay Nu Skin Plaza or Macau Distribution Centre
Eligibility:Hong Kong and Macau distributors who have satisfied all of the following requirements are eligible to join the contest.
1.Join the ARO program (Integrated or ageLOC Me®) from August 1 to 31, 2016, or already enrolled an ageLOC Me® ARO contract.
2.Maintain a valid ARO contact (Integrated or ageLOC Me®) in the Event period.
3.Purchase at least one product of “The Best Antioxidant Combination” at ARO price in the Event period including LifePak®, Jungamals® LifePak® For Kids, g3®, Marine Omega®, Eye Formula, ageLOC® YouthSpan®


Target and Prize

1st Score

Target Score
(2nd/3rd Score)

Prize (The 1st 800 winners)



1 box of ageLOC® R2 or
2 bottles of Marine Omega®

50,000 or above

+ 10,000


Event Flow
1.1st Scan: Complete your 1st scan at the venue and specified time from August 12 to October 31, 2016.
2.Re-scan: Complete your re-scan(the 2nd or 3rd scan) at the venue, at the specified time from September 1 to November 29, 2016.
3.Those who are qualified should collect the prizes by presenting the Certificates of Eligibility at the venue.


The 1st Scan and Re-scan will be arranged on every Tuesday (16:00 – 20:00) or Saturday (11:00 – 15:00) in the Event period, except public holidays. 200 quotas are available per day. Quotas are limited and first-come-first-served!
You are entitled to scan for free once upon presenting the invitation card during EXPO. You have to purchase scan cards or credits for each scan on other dates.
The participant should collect the Certificate of Eligibility with original ID card at the venue. Please keep this Certificate of Eligibility properly and there is no replacement if lost.



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