“Me time” Moment - Beauty Device for Lazy Person Magic / Shiny Jiang

“Me time” Moment - Beauty Device for Lazy Person Magic / Shiny Jiang

July 22, 2016

My skin is extremely dry and difficult to absorb skincare products. With dark and uneven skin tone, I can never go out without wearing make-up, especially foundation and concealer. My make-up always looks unnatural due to the dryness of my skin. Applying sunscreen lotion in the summer makes the situation even worse.

Comparing to other products, ageLOC Me® is much easier and effective. Using toner as an example, normally the absorption reaches its maximum in the 2nd application. After using ageLOC Me® for a week, I can apply the toner for 7 times and it still greatly absorbs into my skin. My make-up now looks natural even with the use of sunscreen lotion.

Another significant change is my skin tone. When taking the 2nd nude facial photo, my colleagues complimented me on the improvement of my skin condition comparing with that in the previous photo shooting. The tone looks brighter and much more even than ever before. Actually, ageLOC Me® benefits me more than that. It is really convenient and perfect for lazy person like me.

Being an office lady, I feel strongly that there is never enough time in the morning. How is the situation after using ageLOC Me®? Simply put your fingertips under ageLOC Me®, two seconds is all you need every morning for dispensing 3 kinds of anti-aging serums, and just another two seconds for day cream. When comparing with my previous skin care process, ageLOC Me® helps me save at least 10 minutes every time, and no more rush and mess by opening and closing different kinds of products on the dressing table. My night cream is also very rich, which saves me from the oily face and unpleasant feeling in the morning with left over skin care products on.

I wake up with nice and soft skin in the morning just like the night ahead after skin care process. I end the day with a pleasant mood and start with the same in the next day! For a lazy person like me, using ageLOC Me® is a wonderful experience!

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