“Me time” Moment - Say Goodbye to Oily Skin and Say Welcome to Smooth and Elastic skin / Yuan Liu (July 15, 2016)

“Me time” Moment - Say Goodbye to Oily Skin and Say Welcome to Smooth and Elastic skin / Yuan Liu

July 15, 2016

Thanks to the greatest DNA, I was born with oily skin type. Starting from puberty, non-stop pimples showed on my face, and eventually my skin became dull and unsmooth with enlarged pores and blemishes. These skin problems have been bothering me for a long time. However, as I am getting old, I start to feel there is nothing much I can do but carefully remain the daily skin care process like having meals every day. Nevertheless, I counted on destiny for my skin improvement.

Nothing changed until I started to use  ageLOC Me® Calibration Set. In the first week, I felt my skin was smoother while the moisture level was also improved. What’s more, when I washed my face the next morning, my skin remained soft as the night before when I put on ageLOC Me. In the second week, my skin tone was enhanced and my colleagues even mentioned my skin was still luminous after removing the make-up.  After using the whole set of ageLOC Me® Calibration Set, I was surprised to find on the photos that the enlarged pored were minimized and the skin looked smooth and delicate. The results totally changed my thought, because I used to believe it is extremely hard to refine pores without clean and healthy pores, firm and elastic skin. During the 1 month experience with ageLOC Me®, I found the product actually did work. .    

“Me time” sharing
When I started to try ageLOC Me® Customized Set, my skin condition was much better than before, but I am still looking for more surprises. When assessing my skin with the ageLOC Me® APP, not only did I answered all the questions honestly based my aging appearance, but also selected the light creams texture with fragrance that I preferred. The customized products perfectly fit my skin and I could never put them down. More importantly, 1 month later, each of my colleagues would say “wow~ how can your skin become so nice?” No more dull and oily skin, but healthier and flawless skin.

Thanks to ageLOC Me®, I have changed the negative thinking of following destiny. Instead,  I believe we can feel and look younger by using good products in the proper way. I recently found out I am pregnant, but as I will keep using the products as the guaranteed safety of ageLOC Me® makes it’s totally safe for woman who is pregnant or breast-milk feeding continually enjoy the customized anti-aging experience. Let’s use it every day, and get prettier day after day!   

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