Bloggers and Media are Impressed by the Innovation of ageLOC Me® (April 29, 2016)

Bloggers and Media are Impressed by the Innovation of ageLOC Me®

Apil 29, 2016


NU SKIN ageLOC Me® has received international accolades, bloggers and media recommendations. With the huge investment, remarkable idea, the most seasoned scientists, and the world-class design; ageLOC Me® possesses the stellar qualities of innovation and creativity which gained recognition among “netizens” and readers., one of the most popular and ultimate female online media in Hong Kong, provides the most up-to-date beauty and fashion trends. Please see how "" introduced ageLOC Me®! Besides,, a renowned website offers latest technology news, has once again recommended ageLOC Me® and interviewed NU SKIN scientist, Dr. Helen Knaggs, who involved in the innovation and development of ageLOC Me®! Please see the latest sharing of ""!

Mr. STONE, an international recognized technology editor in Hong Kong, also praised the intelligence of customization and the innovation of personalized skin care regimen. Please check out his blog now! Mr. STONE has expressed his thoughts after using ageLOC Me® for 3 weeks, please see his latest sharing!

ageLOC Me®has been recommended by different male stylists. Dan recommended ageLOC Me® as his personal skin care assistant in weibo. Meanwhile, well-known photographer caihui also suggested ageLOC Me® as the next generation of skin care, an exquisite choice of skin care for men. Please check out their reviews!

Dan’s weibo

Photographer caihui

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