“ageLOC Me® Maintains My Uniqueness” Have you seen ageLOC Me® video yet? (April 22, 2016)

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“ageLOC Me® Maintains My Uniqueness”
Have you seen ageLOC Me® video yet?

April 22, 2016


NU SKIN ageLOC Me® video has been released on YouTube, Facebook, GQ, VOGUE, AppleDaily, ETtoday, Mobile01, QQ.com、iqiyi、youku、sohu、letv、baofeng、PPTV、fun,etc since 18 April!

“Identical twins have different skin conditions!” They have different pursuits in life and skin care needs though they are identical twins. The innovation of ageLOC Me® big data solutions offer every unique individual personalized skin care regimen suited to individual needs.

Please check out NU SKIN official website for the ageLOC Me® video and share with your friends right away!

Besides, ageLOC Me® is recommended by different online media! 《Unwire.hk》 is a well-recognized Hong Kong media covering the entire breadth of technology and reports the correlation between technology and our daily lives.《Unwire.hk》has again recommended ageLOC Me®! It shared the innovation of big data solutions and ageLOC Me®APP. Please see the review!《Appledaily》 and 《ETtoday》, the influential media outlets in Taiwan, reported the customization of ageLOC Me®. It is the revolutionary solutions for skin care regimen!

Mr. STONE, an internationally recognized technology editor in Hong Kong, also expressed admiration for the concept of skin care customization. To assess your skin easily through the ageLOC Me® APP! Check out his latest sharing.

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