Worrying about Your Aging Skin? Let Us Protect You from Aging! (November 27, 2015)

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Worrying about Your Aging Skin?
Let Us Protect You from Aging!

November 27, 2015

In modern society, the fast living tempo and heavy work load increase the living pressure, which will increase the speed of aging. Our body can still bear the heavy stress, when we are still young. However, it is another story on the skin. The signs of aging will appear gradually on our skin after 25-year old*. Do you know what kinds of aging signs you are facing when you are getting older?


*Source of information


  • Big and small dark spots on skin
  • Deep wrinkles at forehead and around nose and mouth
  • Lines and wrinkles on face
  • Bulky pores and rough skin
  • Flabby skin on the face
  • Uneven and darker skin color
  • Lack of skin elasticity



Make a self-check. How many of the above aging signs do you have? Although skin aging is an inevitable process, many young women tend to show premature aging signs due to a variety of reasons, making their skin age look older than their actual skin age. Nonetheless, some women choose to take care of their skin in advance so that they are able to maintain their age of skin, which helps to keep their skin in a younger state.

ageLOC Me® targets the source of skin aging and softens the signs of aging. The day moisturizer nourishes your skin and enhances the natural defense of your skin. The night moisturizer calms and soothes your skin while aiding the natural nighttime recovery and rejuvenates your skin. The three serums with different effects deliver effective ingredients to  your skin, improve the darkness and unevenness of your skin, soften fine lines and wrinkles, reduce signs of aging, enhance the smoothness and radiance of your skin, and recover the radiance of youthfulness.


By choosing ageLOC Me®, Be Your Best at Any Age

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